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Gardeners Should Use Multi-Purpose Compost with Caution

3rd March

Multi-purpose compost seems to be getting worse and worse. A few years back you could reasonably expect high-quality, fertile compost for a decent price. These days, it seems far too common that compost is full of plastic, glass and large chunks of wood. Simply search for reviews of any low-cost composts on the internet and you can see the extent of the problem. It’s quite alien to buy quality stuff as people have gotten so used to paying next to nothing for Compost.

With suppliers pressured into making it as cheap as possible the quality is bound to suffer. The unwanted materials (glass, plastic etc) can often be blamed on the way the organic material is shredded. The finer the shredder the more chance of it getting stuck which of course means more time and cost. While this can be aggravating, the real problem is what the compost is made up of. While you might be careful what we put in the recycling bin, you can bet there are some that aren’t. It could even be carrying plant diseases. Poor quality can also be blamed on the fact that DIY stores and garden centres insist on storing compost bags outside to increase sales. When left out, heavy rain will saturate the already compressed compost. You’ll also notice that most bags will say ‘protect from frost’ and yet shops leave them out all year. As you can see, compost is becoming an afterthought.

How can this be solved?

Low-cost composts have a place as most of us use them; but how can we ensure that our plants benefit? We simply need to populate the compost with beneficial bacteria. Envii Compost Probiotic is our very own probiotic soil enhancer, which will make a huge difference to the fertility of any compost. Compost Probiotic works by breaking down larger pieces of organic material and adding nutrients back into compost. It also contains seaweed powder to further increase its nutritional content and enhance the compost quality.

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Envii Compost Probiotic

As an alternative solution, consider making your own compost. Here are 5 composting methods any gardener can try.

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