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Introducing envii’s brand new garden staples at the Garden Press Event 2024

Envii is a company built on providing unique products with a premium experience, giving the ultimate performance at a fair price. Founded in 2008, envii’s mission is to lead the way to a greener future.

Envii wants to lead the industry towards a better future, where responsible and eco-friendly choices are the norm, not the exception. They want to make sustainable lifestyles accessible, affordable and the preferred choice for everyone. In pursuit of their mission, they have expanded all ranges to help gardens, ponds and homes reach their full potential. Now they are utilising their time to develop new and exciting products, to achieve fuller harvests, clearer ponds and cleaner homes.

Their range of award-winning products includes natural, concentrated ingredients, from organic, seaweed fertilisers, to pond treatments that use the power of naturally derived bacteria. In addition to using the best ingredients possible, they ensure their products are highly concentrated to reduce the amount of packaging used, ensuring the packaging is either recyclable or reusable. 

As they continue to innovate and expand, it’s crucial to reflect on the core values and strategic vision that have guided their journey thus far. In a recent interview, their CEO, Oliver Peabody, who acquired the business in January 2023, captured the essence of their mission and the future trajectory they envision for the company. Oliver stated:

“Since joining envii in 2016, a lot has changed within the gardening community, but one thing that hasn’t is the community’s appreciation for nature and drive to become more self-sufficient through their garden, whilst working with nature, rather than against it.

We want to enable gardeners, pond keepers and homeowners to continue with their hobby, reassured that they are using natural practices and supporting nature through the use of our products. This is why, where many plant care products have used synthetic ingredients, our focus is to move towards products containing only natural ingredients that will mimic the results that nature intended.

As we move towards the use of all-natural ingredients, we are aware that not all our products can be stored in all-natural packaging yet. However, we continue to innovate our packaging to ensure we use the most environmentally friendly materials we can – equally as responsible as the product they contain. 

Naturally sourced, responsible ingredients are a huge part of our ethos as a brand, and commitment to our customers. Which is why these were the two focus points when developing our latest products.”

The latest products to join the envii range are Envii Maximato and Envii Allgrow. Launching at this year’s Garden Press Event, these organic feeds fill a gap that was missing in their range and will be sure to become a staple for gardeners all over the world.

Introducing Allgrow, a new versatile liquid feed suitable for all outdoor plants. With a highly concentrated formula, one bottle yields over 330L—among the market’s most concentrated organic feeds. Tailored specifically for increased crop yield and enhanced plant health, it utilises all-natural ingredients and plant-based sources to address plant needs for optimal growth. Boasting an NPK of 6-2-4 and enriched with key micronutrients and essential elements like Calcium, Sulphur, Magnesium, Iron, Boron, Copper, Manganese, Zinc, and Molybdenum, Allgrow is an all-in-one solution for comprehensive plant support throughout the growing season.  

Easy to use, we recommend a schedule of weekly feeding from March to September. The high nitrogen ratio promotes lush green leaves critical for enhancing photosynthesis and driving plant development throughout the season. Phosphorus is crucial for promoting robust root systems, ensuring the plant establishes a strong foundation for growth. Meanwhile, the presence of potassium supports healthy flower and fruit development, contributing to the product’s overall success in fostering not just vegetative growth but also the reproductive phase of the plant’s life cycle. This well-balanced nutrient composition makes Allgrow an essential partner for achieving optimal plant health and productivity. Allgrow pairs very well with Root Well, their mycorrhizal fungi and bacteria treatment that builds strong root systems, working with the surrounding soil environment to facilitate optimum nutrient uptake. 

Maximato is the ultimate product for tomato growers seeking to optimise growth, increase fruit yield, and combat blossom end rot with an enriched blend of essential micronutrients, all infused into one bottle. Maximato includes additional calcium, crucial for water movement in plants and often deficient in cases of blossom end rot. The addition of enhanced magnesium tackles another common deficiency, preventing chlorosis of leaves and promoting overall plant health enabling higher yields.  

Maximato offers a luxuriously rich liquid feed that includes a concentrate derived from seaweed solids renowned for their incredible biostimulant properties. This infusion of seaweed extracts protects against various challenges, including disease pressures, bolstering the plant’s ability to withstand salt stress, and enhancing resilience to drought conditions. With an appropriately balanced NPK ratio of 4-2-6, Maximato prioritises a high potash concentration. This focus on potassium is particularly advantageous in not only ensuring optimal flowering and fruiting for tomatoes, but also extending its benefits to other greenhouse crops like cucumbers, peppers, and aubergines. The result is a versatile and comprehensive organic feed that not only nourishes but also fortifies plants, promoting robust growth and high-quality yields across various greenhouse-grown crops. 

Envii Allgrow and Maximato are available to buy as of 20th February 2024 on Envii’s website, Amazon, eBay, and B&Q (online only). Maximato and Allgrow will both retail for £9.99 for one litre as an introductory price. 


For further enquiries please contact Olivia Ball, Marketing Manager at Olivia@envii.co.uk.


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