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Pest Control

  • 30th January

    How To Be A Veganic Gardener: A Beginners Guide

    Veganic Gardening A vegan lifestyle has increased exponentially over the last few years, as people switch out animal products for plant-based alternatives. The primary focus […]Read more
  • 8th July

    Crop Rotation: A Beginner’s Guide

    Crop Rotation – A Beginner’s Guide   What is crop rotation? Dating back to the ancient Middle East, farmers would rotate their plants. This was […]Read more
  • 11th March

    Common Plant Diseases: The Ultimate Gardener’s Guide

    Common plant diseases are a consequence of the disruption of a plant’s normal functions due to environmental changes or parasitic attack. They cause symptoms or […]Read more
  • 13th July

    8 Common but Questionable Slug Repellents

    Discover 8 questionable slug repellents and how we put the most popular methods to the test in our video inspired by the RHS’s 2018 research… […]Read more
  • 25th May

    Why Slug Pellets are Dangerous for Children, Pets and Wild Life

      What are slug pellets? Are slug pellets dangerous? Slug pellets are small cylindrical ‘bullets’. They contain substances poisonous to slugs and snails. When sprinkled […]Read more
  • 30th June

    Featured Products: Envii Feed & Fortify and Feed & Protect

    Featured Products: Envii Feed & Fortify and Feed & Protect Envii Feed & Fortify and Feed & Protect are both dual function repellents that feed […]Read more
  • 10th March

    How To Protect Your Waxy Hostas From Slugs & Snails

    How to Protect Your Waxy Hostas from Slugs & Snails The nation’s favourite garden plant is also very popular among gastropods! Discover how to protect […]Read more
  • 3rd May

    “Sleepless Slugs” are invading British gardens

    Last week, BugLife Conservation Charity warned of an invasion of “sleepless slugs” this year. The organisation suggested that 2016 will see an increased number of […]Read more
  • 21st April

    Protect Against Slugs with Envii Feed and Protect

    How Envii Feed and Protect Works to Protect Against Slugs   Slugs are technically active all year round, your garden is most at risk when […]Read more
  • 19th April

    How to Win the Fight against Slugs and Snails

    Each year in the world of gardening, gastropods return like an army ready to commence attack on your lush green crops. The presence of slugs […]Read more
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