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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening

7th November

Why is everyone obsessed with gardening? What is it that draws people to looking after plants? Well there might be more to it than what you initially thought.

A huge 27 million people, and counting, garden in the UK. And that’s out of 64 million residents.

Gardening might be something that you like the idea of. But putting it into practice is less appealing. Or you might be an advanced gardener and have your own reasons for gardening, intrigued as to why others enjoy it. Whatever the reason for stumbling on this post, we want you to fully understand the obsession that is gardening.

Here are 8 reasons why people are obsessed with gardening:

  • 1. Creative flair

    Creativity is something that everyone possesses but, showing it off isn’t always easy. You don’t have to be good at drawing to be creative. A great way to express your creativity is through gardening. Creating a design in your very own garden, no matter the size. It’s a clean slate and you have complete control. You can choose your favorite flowers and plants and place them wherever you so wish.

  • 2. Wildlife

    It’s a nice feeling to know that your gardening is flourishing, and a great way to tell is by the wildlife that you can find there. A garden that is thriving is full of insects and worms, which is attractive for birds. Some people precisely design their garden to attract specific wildlife to their little piece of haven.

  • 3. Natures beautiful

    Not only will you have a great view from your kitchen window but, you will experience seasonal changes firsthand. You will be there to see the first leaf fall off in Autumn and for the first flower bud that appears in Spring. It increases your sense of time and helps you keep track.

  • 4. It’s basically yoga

    Gardening can transport you into a different mindset. There is a feeling of inner peace and presence. Why? Repetitive movements are used in mindfulness. Digging and planting incorporates repetitive movements. After spending time in your garden you will feel less tense and be in a clearer head space.

  • 5. Stress relief

    Cortisol is the stress hormone. Gardening is an activity that requires you to concentrate on the here and now. By concentrating on what you are doing you essentially forget your worries (hakuna matata). Whilst carrying out the task at hand your brain releases endorphins that make you feel relaxed and satisfied.

  • 6. There’s no age limit

    Gardening doesn’t come with a set of requirements that the gardener must possess. You don’t have to apply or create a CV. Whether your 4 or 74, it’s just as exciting and rewarding.
    -Kids: The multi-sensory aspect of gardening is perfect for children, it can be a great way to learn, especially for those with special educational needs. They are surrounded by variety of colours, smells and textures.
    -16-18-year old’s: There has been an increase in the number of students choosing horticulture as a subject going into college.
    -Reduces the risk of dementia: Studies suggest engaging in a physical activity such as gardening reduces the risk of getting dementia.

  • 7. Builds relationships

    Gardening is such a large community that it’s a great way to build relationships with your family and other gardeners. It’s not something you have to do on your own, the satisfaction at the end will be that much greater if you have someone to share it with. Gardeners are a friendly bunch and can’t wait to share their successes and tricks, whether you meet them at a show, an allotment or online, you’ll feel a great sense of community.

  • 8. More to gardening

    Who said the skills used in gardening are only for gardeners? Patience is crucial when it comes to gardens. An element of problem solving is also involved. You’ll put in hard work and have determination. The outcome? Delayed gratification, a sense of pride and increased self-worth. Attributes needed during your everyday life and within your job.

Have we convinced you yet? There are so many reasons to begin or continue your gardening journey. No wonder it is loved by many.

Don’t want to take our word for it? It is now recommended by health care professionals for those suffering with mental health problems such as anxiety and depression.

If you aren’t sure how to design your garden, because you don’t have a large amount of land, why not discover our 5 small space gardening ideas.

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