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Plant Flowering Stage: How to Improve Plant Growth & Cropping

26th July

Other than harvesting, the plant flowering stage is possibly the most anticipated time of a plant’s growth for gardeners. It sets the tone for the harvest or bloom gardeners can expect to achieve. All plants aim to channel most of their energy into reproducing during the flowering stage.

However, plants may struggle to do develop. Due to factors such as abiotic stress (environment), attack from pests or disease and a lack of nutrients. Knowing the significance of the plant flowering stage and how to improve it will help gardeners to see better results.


Why Plant Flowering is Important

Other than to produce crops and flowers, there are other significant benefits to improving plant flowering. For example, the sooner a plant begins to bloom with flowers, the more time it has in the height of spring and summer.

Growing from a healthy, potent bud/flower, into a nice sizeable harvest. Supporting the plant flowering stage not only helps to produce better crops and flowers. It also promotes the survival of plants in challenging growing conditions.

Struggling to see great flower blooms or quality fruit and vegetable harvests? there’s a good chance your plants aren’t well-nourished enough throughout the flowering phase.

Fortunately, plant flowering can be enhanced by treating plants with additional nutrients at specific times during flowering. This will encourage them to focus their energy into producing the best flowers or fruits, rather than on survival and trying to stay healthy.

The Best Nutrients for Plant Flowering

Alongside the fertilising effects of NPK, plants benefit from being treated with additional nutrients and supplements. Nutrients such as amino acids, seaweed extract, humic and fulvic acids each have their own specific benefits to plants.

However, they also enhance the effects of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus. From crop growth to soil fertility, these additional nutrients greatly improve various aspects of a plant’s overall health. Helping them to focus on being able to produce a higher yield and quality of flowers. Here’s a breakdown of how some additional nutrients benefits plants:

Amino Acids

Amino acids contribute greatly to the biological processes that help plants to thrive. Especially during the critical flowering stage of plant growth. Some L-Amino acids work to strengthen plant cell walls, giving plants the ability to resist and recover the effects of environmental stress.

This includes heat stress, spring frost, low humidity, wind and more. Other essential amino acids help with pollination in plants. This is important in crops such as sweetcorn or aubergines, which rely on pollen fertility to produce fruits.

Seaweed Extract

Seaweed is a widely popular plant fertiliser among gardeners. Its benefits stem from the harsh conditions seaweed plants have to overcome in their natural environment. However, before plants can reap the benefits of seaweed as fertiliser, it must first be broken down into seaweed extract, ideally in liquid form. This makes the beneficial nutrients and compounds in seaweed readily consumable for plants.

In gardening, seaweed extract helps to improve both the health of plants and the soil they grow in. It contains various growth stimulating substances including amino acids and vitamins. Which, enhance both plant root and shoot growth,  most effective during the early stages of vegetative growth, pre-flowering.

This is important because young plants need a healthy and robust root system to access enough nutrients. It also means gardeners can plant young plants out knowing their plants are healthy and established enough to withstand attack from pests and diseases.

Humic Acids

The most unique benefit of humic acids for plants, is their ability to improve soil structure and moisture retention levels. Facilitating the consumption of many nutrients, water is one of the most important substances plants get from soil. Humic acids can hold up to 7x their own volume in water and transfer this ability to soil structure.

Humic acids also act an energy source for beneficial soil organisms such as bacteria and mycorrhizae. Which help to maintain a healthy soil environment for plant roots. Other microorganisms benefit from the energy supplied by humic acids to produce and release antibiotics, which when consumed by plants, enhance their resistance to pest and disease.

Fulvic Acids

Combined with humic acids and other beneficial nutrients, fulvic acids greatly improve the growth in plant roots, foliage and fruits. They are readily consumed by plants and in fertilisers, they act as carriers for many other nutrients. Not only through their roots but also in their stems and leaves. Due to their really small molecules, fulvic acids are perfect for foliar application when feeding plants.

Improve Plant Growth and Cropping

You can improve plant growth, flowering and cropping in a range of plants by introducing the nutrients mentioned into a regular plant watering and feeding routine. That’s why we have developed a two-stage organic plant treatment, containing all the beneficial nutrients mentioned and more. Pre and Post-Flower are unique fertiliser and bio-stimulant treatments. Designed to promote and support healthy plant growth, flowering and crop production at specific stages of growth. Pre-Flower is perfect for gardeners when they want to strong young plants. While Post-Flower stimulates better flowering and copping in flowers, fruits and vegetables once the plant flowering stages has begun.

Learn more about Pre and Post-Flower:

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