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Reasons to Improve Plant Root Strength

26th February

Here’s a no brainer – plant roots are essential for growth. We all know this and it’s probably one of the first things we learn in plant biology. Root systems enable plants to absorb nutrients from the soil and it’s necessary for them to continue to develop.

Everyone seems to be aware that roots play an important role in a plant’s life. However, few people seem to emphasise the importance of strong, growing plant roots. For a plant to grow its full potential, it has to have strong healthy roots. Gardeners should know that,

Just because a plant has roots, doesn’t mean they’re working to their best ability.

For that reason, we’re going to explain 3 reasons why growers should consider strengthening their plant root systems with root growth stimulating fertiliser, Deep Rooter.

Protect Against Plant Diseases

The surrounding area of plant roots within soil is called its rhizosphere. Here the roots are surrounded by thousands of microbes, some of which are phytopathogens. These are organisms which can cause plant diseases. Luckily, soil also contains beneficial microbes which protect against phytopathogens and promote immunity.

Plant root systems are in continual communication with their environment. They can communicate with the beneficial microbes encouraging them to out-compete the disease-causing ones and create a defence system.

However, if the plant’s root system isn’t strong enough, this communication fails and leaves the plant vulnerable to illness. Particularly in the early stages of development. By encouraging plants roots to grow strong, Envii Deep Rooter helps to avoid common soil-borne plant diseases.

Increase Nutrient Intake

There are two things every gardener should know about soil. 1. Not all soil is the same and 2. Not all soil is suitable for every plant. Different plants grow and thrive better in slightly different environments. However, ultimately, all plants need to be able to absorb nutrients from their growing medium.

The best solution to maximise nutrient intake in all plants is to encourage roots to grow and cover a larger area to access more nutrients. Rather than relying on the state of the soil immediately available within its usual radius, the plant actually creates its own ideal growing conditions by maximising what it is able to take in by travelling deeper into the ground with its roots.

Also, by growing deeper instead of wider, crops avoid competing with surrounding plants for nutrients.

Maximising Fertiliser

There’s a risk that because plant root systems aren’t readily visible, your use of fertiliser might be going to waste to some degree. This is because plant roots may not be large enough to reach the full area of soil you have applied fertiliser.

By ensuring your plant roots are growing healthy and strong, you actually maximise your use of fertiliser and get better value for money when using it. The roots can cover a larger area to absorb nutrients and the bigger surface area of the roots will be able to absorb larger quantities of the nutrients available within the fertiliser.

These are just 3 of the many reasons you should make more of an effort to focus on the plant’s growth below the surface of the soil. With the roots ultimately being the lifeline of plants…

The stronger, bigger and healthier the root system is, the stronger, bigger and healthier the plant will be also.

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