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A Brief History Of Seaweed Fertiliser

Renowned for its ability to improve the condition and fertility of soil, Seaweed has been used for centuries in agriculture. Containing nutrients such as nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and magnesium, it’s the perfect source of nourishment for various plant life. Seaweed also contains several trace minerals that are essential to improving a plant’s health.

In the past, Seaweed was simply thrown into compost heaps. This was and still is good practice because as simple as it may be, seaweed is high in nitrogen and compost loves nitrogen!

Get Your Own Seaweed?

However, despite how much we’d love to recommend this as good practice it’s not that straightforward. Unless you live next to a beach to collect some, it’s difficult to get seaweed.

Even if you’re lucky enough to live so close to a beach, and you reckon the seaweed on the beach is in your back garden to collect.

Unfortunately, there is no public right to do so. And for those who insist on collecting the seaweed, we advise you contact the local council before doing so.

Key Benefit

A key benefit of seaweed is how it naturally grows in harsh conditions.

The common life cycle of seaweed in nature is being immersed in salt water, dried out, baked in the sun, soaked in the rain and bathed again in salt water. Due to harsh conditions, Seaweed has acquired anti-stress compounds. These are then transferred onto plants when it is used as a fertiliser.

The Good News

We wouldn’t tell you about the great benefits of Seaweed to leave you empty-handed at the not being able to collect your own! We swear by the power of Seaweed so much that we formulated our very own organic liquid fertiliser from it! Saving you the hassle of collecting tons of seaweed. But not only that, our fertiliser gives you all the benefits of seaweed with that much more…


The Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser

SeaFeed Xtra is an organic seaweed fertiliser that differs from other seaweed fertilisers as it contains higher percentage of seaweed. While most other Seaweed fertilisers only contain between 1-3% Seaweed, ours contains 5%. The higher concentration is why it’s our fertiliser is darker in colour!

SeaFeed Xtra also contains an additional nutrient that helps deliver micronutrients directly to the main arteries of the plant. Meaning it works to improve your plant’s absorption system from the foliage, doing more for your plants than average!

Don’t just take our word for it…

Richard, one-half of the Two Thirsty Gardeners has used SeaFeed Xtra on his Chilli plants with some great results.

Read his full review here:

TwoThirstyGardeners – SeaFeed Xtra Review


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