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Seaweed, a historically effective fertiliser

Seaweed, historically, has been used as a gardening soil enhancer and is a great source of nutrients for plants. It’s known to be rich in trace elements such as zinc, iron, nitrogen and 57 other minerals. Plants only require a small amount of for their general intake.

As a growth stimulant, seaweed is a popular fertiliser choice among gardeners. Especially those who avoid synthetic and/or animal sourced fertilisers.  There are various things you should be considering when deciding to use a Seaweed fertiliser.

This begins with an understanding of how a plant’s transportation system works…

The simple science behind plant nutrition

Most people believe that plant nutrition is simply a matter of watering the soil. So, the roots will take nutrients from the ground, up into the transportation system. However, plants also rely on their leaf anatomy as a core method of nutrient intake.

Leaves are an important focal point when it comes to nourishing plants. Gardeners have more control of a plant’s nutrient intake when using foliar application. Relying on a plant’s root system means a plant may or may not take up nutrients found in the soil. In essence, not maximising your seaweed fertiliser product.

Xtra nutrients for xtraordinary crops…

One of the interesting and unique factors of our product Seafeed Xtra is that it works to improve the plant’s absorption system, particularly through the leaves, by acting as a faster pathway to allow nutrients to distribute throughout the plant. Generally, we recommend the use of a pressure spray or foliar spray onto plant leaves when using Seafeed Xtra. This ensures our customers maximise the plant’s intake of the amount of product they use.

Plant Leaf Anatomy


Most Seaweed fertilisers are full of good elements. However, Seafeed Xtra contains a higher amount of those highly beneficial elements such as, Iron and Zinc. Iron assists with transporting other key elements to the plant’s core transport system. While Zinc regulates the plant’s overall growth and stem elongation. Offering enhancement to the yield and quality of crops.

So whether you’re trying to grow vegetables, flowerbeds or simply trying to improve your lawn. Try Seafeed Xtra! Naturally nutrient-rich with a little extra, beyond your average Seaweed Fertiliser…

Rich organic fertiliser, packed with XTRA beneficial nutrients and improves plant absorption for quality results.


Click below to learn more…
  • SeaFeed Xtra

    Organic liquid seaweed fertiliser that contains additional urea, iron and amino acids to improve a plants root development and crop yield. The NPK ratio of this fertiliser is 19-0-1.5, this helps to promote lush plant growth and improved health.


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