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Gardening Tips for March

5th March

The middle of March marks the official beginning of spring. So there’s no better time than now, for gardening tips for March. Growers welcome longer, sunnier days. Allowing more time to be spent in the garden. That, of course, comes with more garden tasks to complete.

With a well-kept allotment or container garden over winter, now is time for final preparations as gardeners are set to begin outdoor sowings next month. Say hello to final preparations of vegetable beds, more sowings and possibly starting the compost heap.

Here are some March gardening tips to help you get the season started strong…

Prepare Vegetable Patches

Finally, prepare your vegetable beds this month. In time for direct sowing outdoors and transplanting next month. Dig out your vegetable patch well with compost or manure.

Alternatively, if you have a no-dig approach to gardening, be sure to top up the surface of your patch with fertiliser and/or organic material. In both approaches, that should boost soil fertility ahead of new sowings.

Also, in preparation for new sowings, rake the soil thoroughly. This creates a smooth and more structured canvas for spacing seeds when planting. While also benefitting the soil by mixing and combining fertiliser, compost and manure, into the soil.

What to Sow, Indoors & Outdoors


  • Aubergines, Chillies, Peppers and Tomatoes.


Aubergines, Chillies, Peppers and Tomatoes should be sown indoors this month. Early sowing of these crops are essential in the UK to allow them enough time to ripen in the season. Be sure to check out our tomato plant care tips for advice on how to grow your best tomato harvest.


  • Broad Beans, Leeks, Peas and Spring Onions.
  • Beetroots, Carrots and Radishes (Undercover)


Sow beetroots outdoors in March, under cloches where the soil is pre-warmed. Along with carrots, which should also be sown undercover. For a persistent harvest this year, sow carrots successively from now through til August. Of course, without a cover in the warmer months. If you sowed Broad Beans in pots in the last couple of months because of frozen soil, you can now plant out between March and April.

Feed Crops with Organic Seaweed Fertiliser

Yes, the new gardening season has kicked in. However, don’t neglect the crops you’ve grown throughout winter. Crops such as onions, kale, spring cabbages and cauliflower could probably benefit from some good nutrients. Give your overwintering crops a boost by feeding them with an organic seaweed fertiliser.

Not only will an organic seaweed fertiliser provide them with essential nutrients, but the seaweed will also enhance plant resistance to stress, soil-borne diseases and any potential frosts ahead.

Start a Compost Heap

Making your own compost is very rewarding. When done correctly, it can be very easy. With the weather warming up and the increase in general gardening activities, it’s only natural to start a compost heap now, in March. All you need is some decent composting space, a well-structured container and balanced composting materials.

Learn more about how to achieve healthy, balanced compost.

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