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The Best Vegetables to Grow in a Raised Bed

23rd February

Any vegetable can grow in raised beds, but certain crops are easier to grow. Before we dive into the best vegetables to grow in raised beds, it is important to understand why you would want to invest in raised beds in the first place.

The benefits of having vegetable raised beds

Vegetable raised beds come with so many benefits. Not only are they a great way to keep your garden neat and tidy but they also allow you to extend your growing season.

When it comes to keeping your garden organised, raised beds are a great way to divide up your space and create clear paths between your beds. Furthermore, if you practice crop rotation, it is easy to label the beds and track what crops must be planted where.

The most obvious benefit of vegetable raised beds is the release it gives to people with back problems. Raising your beds even a couple of inches off the ground will do wonders for your back. The higher the beds, the easier it will be to do what you love without the pain.

If you acquire poor quality, compact or heavy clay soil, the best way to still have a healthy garden is to grow in raised beds as it allows you to grow in a loose, rich growing medium regardless.

Top tip: Scatter Activearth on your poor soil before building your vegetable raised beds to increase aeration and drainage on your land.

Finally, and the most exciting part of growing in raised beds is that you can increase your growing season. Raised beds increase the temperature of the soil, allowing you to sow or transplant seedlings outside earlier than you usually would. With this in mind, here are the best vegetables to grow in raised beds:

The best vegetables to grow in raised beds


Onions are a staple in almost everyone’s diet and a great crop to grow yourself. They need loose, nutritional soil to grow as they dislike compact soil. Sow onion seeds in mid to late winter, or if you are growing them from sets, plant them outside in March or April.


Tomatoes love warm climates and need plenty of nutrients as they are greedy plants. Raised beds will provide the right conditions for your tomatoes and means you will be able to transplant them out around a week earlier. Sow tomatoes inside at the end of March before planting them outside in late May or June.

Root vegetables

Root vegetables need lots of depth in loose soil as they have long taproots. This makes carrot, parsnips, beets and radishes the perfect vegetables for raised beds. Consider sieving your soil/ compost for your raised beds to reduce the chances of forking and growing wonky veg. If you are looking for a quick harvest, radishes are a fantastic choice.

Leafy greens

Leafy greens despise soggy roots so the drainage raised beds provide, alongside the warmth, will allow you to plant your leafy greens earlier in the year. Sow indoors in February ready for harvest in May/ June. Plant out in March under fleece or in cold frames.


Cucamelons, also known as the Mexican sour gherkin, is a great crop to grow in vegetable raised beds, especially if you are short on space. Make sure they are planted next to a trellis so they have something to grow up.


Potatoes, like the other crops mentioned above, need loose soil therefore, you tend to find harvests are larger in both size and crop yield. Not to mention, they are easier to harvest in raised beds. Invest in good quality tubers rather than saving your own as commercial seed potatoes are less prone to disease.

We hope we have inspired you on what to grow this year in your vegetable raised beds. With this in mind, don’t forget to only grow what you enjoy eating. Happy growing!

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