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The Ultimate Guide to a Healthy Aquarium Tank

12th April

Keeping a fish tank can be a stunning feature to any home and of course, one of a few low maintenance pet owning options. However, when it comes to maintenance, emphasis should be put on low maintenance rather than the idea of no maintenance.

Regardless of whether you’re a well-experienced fish owner or you’re simply playing with the idea of having an aquarium in your home in the future, concerns about the challenges of keeping an aquarium have definitely crossed your mind.

First thing is first, put all your preconceptions to the side because now is the time we reassure you that the top priority to keeping a healthy aquarium is the water, (although we bet you already knew that).

That’s right! This comes before you start worrying about how often and much you should feed your fish. It wouldn’t matter how well you’re feeding your fish if the water they live in is of poor quality.

So here’s our a guide to keeping your aquarium tank healthy

Keeping it clean

Water changes are a must! We can’t stress enough how important it is to keep your aquarium water clean. Do you really want your fish to share a home with dead food, algae and organic waste? There’s no way to avoid it, it simply has to be done.

In spite of this, we can appreciate how tedious the task of water changing can be. So what if we told you there’s a way of reducing (not eliminating) the need to change the water in your tank? By adding Envii Aquarium Klear to your water, you enrich it with millions of beneficial bacteria that work to digest the organic waste materials that would typically build up to make your tank dirty.

Adding as little as 40ml to your tank every 7 days can make a huge difference in extending the time between water changes!

Improving tap water

Most people will probably use tap water in their aquarium tank. Understandably because it’s convenient and cost-effective! The truth is, tap water is not safe for your fish to live in. It contains chlorine and chloramine, which is added to kill bacteria that would otherwise make it unfit for human consumption.

Chlorine and chloramine, however, are troublesome for aquatic life and need to be removed from tap water before it is added to an aquarium tank.

For a more detailed post on why tap water isn’t safe for fish and the dangers of chlorine/chloramine, read how you can make tap water safe for fish.

See all our Aquarium products for Water Clarity Treatments, and Water Quality Treatments.

Replenishing essential nutrients

Another flaw that comes with using tap water in your aquarium is that it lacks the essential vitamins and minerals (trace elements) that naturally occur in the native habitat of the fish. These trace elements are highly beneficial in activating the metabolic processes within fish. Thus, they work to promote the normal function of health and growth.

To prevent vitamin deficiency in your fish, use a water-soluble blend of trace elements to enrich and replenish your aquarium water. Try to include essential nutrients such as Manganese, which aids in fish cartilage growth among many other great benefits.

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