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5 Ways an Allotment Pond Improves Gardening

3rd April

Water features such as ponds are certainly one of the many ways to make a house feel more like a home. There’s nothing quite like when spring hits and green hues of grass begin to flush on the lawn, while flowers emerge and blossom in the garden. Coupled with serene scenes of water glistening on a sunny day, while lilies glide on the surface of the pond.

A healthy, thriving pond is the perfect aesthetic addition to any well-kept garden.

From Place to Plot

However, while ponds are a great feature to improve the appearance of gardens, that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the benefits of ponds. Not only in the home garden, but in a gardener’s allotment. It’s easy for most people to assume that adding a pond to their allotment is creating more work and commitment. However, when you’re equipped with the basic knowledge of how to keep a healthy pond, allotment ponds have the potential to help you maximise your growing efforts.

It’s not news that ponds contribute wonderfully to a healthier eco-system. However, savvy gardeners can see the potential benefits to the success and development of their crops by having a pond on their plot. So, if you consider yourself a savvy gardener, read on to discover 5 ways an allotment pond will improve your gardening…


5 Benefits of an Allotment Pond

1. Water Storage

We all know water is essential to sustain life. That’s why when a hosepipe ban strikes, it’s probably one of the most inconvenient times for gardeners. Especially those of you growing on large spaces. However, as a readily available body of water in the garden, ponds are the perfect solution for your allotment. Not to mention that ponds can also effortlessly collect and store rainwater. You will thank yourself when the dreaded hosepipe ban arrives, and you’re prepared with your trusty supply of pond water.

Pond water isn’t only useful in the case of a drought. It also naturally contains nutrients that your crops will love, such as nitrogen which can be found in traces from the organic waste of fish. Nitrogen is known to encourage lush green growth in plants, which is especially necessary during the early stages of growth. The fish will also be happy with the use of their water because it reduces the need to carry out large water changes that might throw off the balance of pond’s eco-system.

2. Attract Wildlife

Having an allotment pond is a great way to have an even more eco-friendly allotment and contribute to the well-being of wildlife. Pond water doesn’t only benefit your plants. Birds and bees also need the source of water, as we mentioned before, water is essential for all life. Other wildlife like frogs and nutes will make your pond their home, while also tackling common gardener pest problems such as slugs and snails. You won’t need to go around your garden, hunting for slugs since the frogs will take care of those pests. Therefore, just by adding a pond to your allotment, you can reduce your gardening workload.

3. Improves Growing Conditions

More Sunshine for Plants

A well-located pond will work wonders when it comes to spreading sunshine around your garden and to reach more areas of your plants. More sunshine means more UV rays for plants, which in turns means more natural processes to improve the health and growth of your crops. Of course, we’re not saying this method is a growth-boosting guarantee or the most effective way to increase photosynthesis. We strongly believe direct exposure to sunshine is always best. However, having said that, there’s no doubt a pond’s reflection will only add to more sunshine, not take it away. So, it’s still worth a try.


Reduce Environmental Stress

Ponds can also improve the growing environment in your garden by regulating the surround temperatures. Think about blazing hot days and the refreshing coolness of being near the coast, a river, lake or generally any area with a large body of water. That’s exactly how your plants will feel when there’s a pond nearby in the middle of a hot day or heatwave. By regulating the surrounding temperatures, help to reduce environmental stress and the potential effects of plant heat damage.

4. Use of Space

Whether you’re an experienced or novice gardener, having large amounts of space can make you feel pressed to grow crops inch to inch, just to maximise your space. The good news is an allotment pond can take away the need to grow excessively to fill up your allotment garden. It is recommended that a pond should take up roughly 15% of your garden space. Again, allotment ponds are low maintenance with proper care. This way you can reduce your workload by growing less but achieve better results by focusing your efforts on growing what you love to the best of your ability.

5. Relaxation

Finally, gardening is a hobby prized for its beneficial effect on your mental and physical health and well-being. As you are planting, weeding, harvesting or pruning, ponds create a real sense of relaxation. From the ripples of the wind blow over the surface to the trickling sounds of water from a pond fountain or waterfall, an allotment pond can add great character to your plot. We’re certain that with a pond on your allotment, you will have the ultimate tranquillity haven that you will hate to leave and be even more excited to get back to.

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