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Featured Product: SeaFeed Xtra

22nd July

Envii SeaFeed Xtra is not your average seaweed fertiliser. It may appear to be at first glance, but it contains almost double the amount of solid seaweed compared to the closest competition. We have also added extra micronutrients, extra Iron & Amino Acids to improve the performance.

A unique cold-press manufacturing process allows SeaFeed Xtra to retain more of the biologically active compounds needed for your plants. Therefore, it produces a more concentrated liquid fertiliser.

How Does Envii SeaFeed Xtra Work?

Envii SeaFeed Xtra provides plants with essential micronutrients to help promote growth and create strong, resilient plants. As well as containing all the usual nutrients that can be found in seaweed. Envii SeaFeed Xtra contains a unique formulation that improves the plant’s uptake of nutrients without having to expend any unnecessary energy. It can be applied either by foliar spray, root drench or a combination of both on a wide range of fruit, vegetables, shrubs and lawns.

Don’t just take our word for it

we’ve had some great reviews from both customers and bloggers:

Two Thirsty GardenersHow To Revive Chilli Plants

Amanda Dobson – Great product. Have definitely seen the difference between trees and plants, so much so bought more of this product

Michael – Very good product. My pumpkins love it

What Is Liquid Seaweed Fertilizer?

Liquid seaweed fertiliser is a very simple product in theory. Seaweed is pressed and then the concentrate is diluted to produce the liquid fertiliser. Most seaweed fertilisers contain around 1-3% of seaweed and the rest is water and, in some products, colouring. SeaFeed Xtra contains 5% solids, added nutrients and our unique nutrient delivery system. This enables plants to easily absorb the additional nutrients without exerting any additional energy.

Is Seaweed Fertilizer Good for Plants?

Seaweed has been used for centuries in coastal locations as a natural fertiliser as it is rich in nutrients. It is cheap and because of where it grows, it is very resilient to harsh weather and disease. Seaweed is an excellent source of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium and up to 60 trace elements, all of which are essential to a plant’s growth. It also includes amino acids and hormones to accelerate plant growth.
As well as providing essential micronutrients for plant growth, it’s great for preventing plant disease by producing strong, resilient plants.

Why Use Seaweed Fertilizer?

Seaweed has a whole host of benefits, from providing extra nutrients to improve plant growth, to encouraging strong, resilient plants. Seaweed also helps to deter slugs as it can make plants taste saltier. Although, this change in taste is so small that humans cannot taste it.
We have mentioned the benefits for plants but there are also huge benefits to your soil and compost. Seaweed is excellent in any soil type, but it has an added benefit in clay soil as it helps provide aeration and loosen the clay soil. This allows roots to grow deeper and access more water and nutrients. Using seaweed in your compost pile will speed up the composting process as seaweed is a natural accelerator.

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