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Gardening Tips for June

30th May

The first month of summer has finally arrived! Your garden is about to enjoy long days filled with sunshine and rising temperatures. Hopefully, you will too. If you’ve been keeping up with your monthly gardening jobs, then your garden should be a map of plants flourishing and developing steadily.

There’s plenty to plant out and harvest, while the list of things to sow begins to shrink as the month draws to a close. However, it’s definitely busy in the garden this month, put those green fingers to work and make the most of your crops with our gardening tips for June:


  • Sow beetroots through this month for an early autumn harvest. Check out tips for growing beetroots for an in-depth guide including different varieties.


  • June is the last month to sow main crop carrot varieties. Short on space? Consider growing carrots in containers. It’s a quick and simple method to squeeze in an extra crop.


  • Continue sowing kale seeds in trays or pots this month. They are ready for planting out in July and to provide an autumn/winter harvest.


  • Aubergines should be planted out by the end of the month for them to grow to their full potential.


  • Summer cropping cauliflower seedlings can be planted out now.


  • With a minimal chance of frost and cold snaps, it’s a great time to plant out chilli and pepper plants that have been hardened off.


  • Potatoes will be ready for harvesting, depending on a few factors such as weather conditions and variety.


  • Garlic can be harvested now, whether its leaves a green or slightly yellowing. Green leaf crops should be used soon after harvesting, while yellow leaf harvests are great for storing.


  • Having sown successively, you can expect to be harvesting radishes all season. June harvests will be a product of late April or early may sowings.

Weed Control & Watering

While the extra warmth and sunshine will work wonders for your developing plants, surrounding weeds will also flourish from it. Keep on top of garden weeds by regularly hoeing. Dry conditions are best for hoeing to destroy seedlings to prevent future weeds growing.

Begin a regular watering routine across the whole garden this month. Newly planted out plants should be a priority to help them establish in their new growing environment. While pot and container growing crops will benefit from a healthy watering schedule too.

Take care to use water wisely around the garden in case of drought or a hosepipe ban. We recommend adopting a water-saving approach to gardening early to help you survive a dry season.

Environmental Stress & Pest Attacks

Things might be drier around the garden this month but there’s still a risk of a slug attack following a short spell of rain. Protect your young and established plants for pests with an effective slug and snail control treatment. The warm June weather will surely affect your greenhouse temperatures and humidity.  Keep things cool and ventilated by leaving greenhouse windows open throughout the day or whenever possible. Much like your newly planted plants or container crops, keep your greenhouse plants well-watered this month too.

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