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How To Prepare Your Garden For Spring

11th January

To save you wondering what to do in your garden this winter, we’ve compiled some advice that will help you get your garden ready for spring.
Gardening isn’t just for the summertime. In other words, there’s a lot you can be doing while the nights are short, and the air is cold.

Create a Space for Composting

If you don’t already have a designated spot for your compost, pick one now before the season kicks in. For instance, you want a space where the conditions are constant; finding some cover from rain and sun will improve the quality of the compost.

Compost bin –  A purpose-built compost bin will provide the best conditions for composting.

Open-air compost – While it’s more difficult to control the environmental factors affecting an open-air compost spot, it will still compost eventually.

Envii Compost Accelerator is our very own high strength compost accelerator. Therefore, It’s task-specific bacteria and fungi improve the speed of the composting process whilst improving the fertility of the end-result. Read this review on The Middle-Sized Garden.

Tidy up Your Garden

When there isn’t much else to do on the gardening to-do list, get out there and pick up dead leaves, trim any herbaceous perennials and remove any other debris from your borders. Above all, wait till late winter/early spring to do this because all sorts of creatures may still be using the debris for shelter from the cold.

Prepare Your Soil

-Remove weeds from the soil

-Dig, lift and turn all your soil – this gives it better access to air and improves fertility.

-Spread compost, manure or fertiliser to your topsoil.

-Add a soil fertility activator such as Envii Activearth to improve aeration and drainage in soil and encourage earthworms.

Order Your Seeds Early

Decide early what you want to grow this year and order. This will give you the chance to plan when you are going to plant in advance and take all the stress away.

Prepare Your Defence Against Garden Pests

Cleaning up your garden is the first step to defending against garden pests. Furthermore, It is also worth encouraging birds into your garden by putting up bird feeders etc. These will eat slug and snails and act as your garden patrol.

Use Envii Feed & Fortify as a physical protection against molluscs. As a form of diatomaceous earth, Feed & Fortify dries the molluscs out and kills them. It also included iron silicates that improve the fertility of the soil.

Start Growing Plants Indoors

Plants that have a longer growing cycle – like tomatoes and peppers – can benefit from being started indoors. Plant them indoors around 8 weeks before the last expected frost and then re-pot them into deep containers before finally planting them in the ground.

This will improve your success rate dramatically. Envii Foundation can be used on plants started indoors to improve the success of germination and growth.

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