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Spring Lawn Care: 4 Essential Jobs to Do

23rd March

After months of wet, dull and frosty weather, your lawn will be overdue some much needed TLC. Spring lawn care is essential if you want a healthy and clean-cut lawn during the ideal seasons to be out enjoying your garden. Read on for spring lawn care jobs and advice to help you achieve an attractive lawn.


People often hate and procrastinate the task of mowing the lawn. However, it is one of the most essential spring gardening jobs. Without mowing the lawn, things begin to look wild and become difficult to manage.

When you first mow the lawn, avoid doing so after extreme weather such as heavy rainfall, frost and even droughts or heatwaves. Instead, make sure the grass is firm and dry.

In early spring, avoid large cuts. These cause the lawn to become stressed, weak and unhealthy looking. When cutting the lawn, only reduce the height by a third each individual time you mow until you reach the desired height and thereafter. Mowing the lawn little and often will ensure it stays in the best condition, encouraging better quality growth and resilience.


It’s difficult to achieve a good-looking lawn without including a feed in your maintenance routine. The healthiest and best-looking lawns are more often than not treated with a quality lawn feed. Lawns benefit from the additional nutrients a feeding treatment provides, promoting lush-green growth.

In fact, treating your lawn with a really good quality lawn feed could be the difference between the grass being strong and dense or thin and pale. If you use the right lawn fertiliser, your lawn won’t only improve in appearance. It will be more resilient to the effect of stress caused by tough weather conditions. Especially when the feed can be applied evenly across the lawn, like with lawn feeding treatment Greenkeeper’s Secret.

Greenkeeper’s Secret is a lawn fertilising treatment that works to improve the health and visible appearance of your lawn. Its bio-stimulant features promote your lawn taking up nutrients to ensure it gets the best from the fertiliser nutrients. Greenkeeper’s also acts as a stress support system. It protects the lawn against environmental stress caused by different weather condition such as extreme heat or excessive rainfall.

Learn more about Greenkeeper’s Secret.

Bare Patches

Bare patches on lawns are one of the worst ways to spoil its appearance.

They are caused by a number of things; including wear and tear from children enjoying the garden, pet urine lawn burn, overgrowing weeds and nutrient deficiencies.

Most solutions to lawn bare patches are straight forward. If you know they are caused by wear and tear, take more care when allowing children and pets to play in the garden by reducing the time spent or frequency.

Sometimes pets, more notably, dogs urinate on the lawn. The excess nitrogen from their urine can cause the lawn to burn. A simple solution to this would be treat with affected areas with a dog urine lawn burn treatment that removes excess nitrogen and revives the damaged patches.

Overgrowing weeds and nutrient deficiencies can be fixed by keeping a regular lawn feeding routine. Weeds don’t thrive in areas with high nutrients. They prefer low quality and nutrient deficient environments.


Aerating your lawn is another important spring lawn job. Much like any other plant, your lawn needs good air circulation and to breath beneath the surface. A combination of lawn thatch build-up, soil compaction and other factors can prevent air flow underneath the surface of your law. This causes your lawn to become deficient in water, nutrients and other elements that the grass’ roots need access to.

Generally, there are two main methods for aerating a lawn. Using a spike aerator to poke holes around the soil one method. This is a simple, effective method for anyone who wants a hassle-free solution that will gradually improve the appearance over time.

A more effective method and appropriate for those of you who can dedicate the time and effort to aerate the lawn, is to use a plug aerator. A plug aerator works by removing plugs of soil within the lawn and so will have a greater result overall and over time.

While both methods are beneficial for the lawn, their performance can be improved by treating the lawn with a soil fertility activator, like Activearth.

Activearth uses natural ingredients and minerals. It encourages biological activity and earthworms within the soil to improve aeration and soil quality. This is great news for your lawn! Especially lawns at new build homes sites which often suffer from compacted soil caused by construction traffic. Reap the best results of either spike aerating or plug aerating. Do so in conjunction with Activearth as it will improve the compacted soil improve aeration, drainage and lawn growth.

Learn more about Activearth.

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