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Why Baking Soda Isn’t the Best Pet Odour Eliminator

17th April

Having a pet is surely a pleasure! As little as they can be, they are one of the differences that make a house feel like a home. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the smells they leave around the house. Whether you have a cat or dog, at some point they are going to leave an unwelcomed scent. Not only in your home but wherever they leave a trail, be that your sofa, car or clothes. It’s a battle to get rid of the varying types pet odours, even if you try to use baking soda.

The trouble with baking soda is that for all the effort it takes to use, (think sprinkling it everywhere your pets leave a trail, leaving it for 15+ minutes and then hoovering it – we all know how tedious hoovering can be) it probably isn’t worthwhile considering it does not guarantee effective results for varying applications.


Masking the Smell

Let’s say your cat or dog vomits on the carpet. Sprinkling baking soda on the surface of the carpet isn’t going to be very effective for a liquid that has already penetrated deep within. At best, baking soda will probably mask such an odour after cleaning. So now you’re probably thinking, “my pet is rarely sick” but consider the other types of liquid pet accidents. Both young and elderly pets can be prone to having toilet accidents due to lack of training or just being a fragile age.

Let’s rule out accidents and discuss why baking soda might not be effective on the bodily odours that pets produce.

Why Baking Soda Doesn’t Really Eliminate Odour


Pet odours are caused by bacteria and yeast stabilising secretions such as skin oils. Bacteria and yeast are present on the skin of all pets, even healthy ones. However, when natural skin oils react with them, an odour is created. Baking soda does nothing to prevent this natural reaction and ultimately eliminate the smell.

What’s an Alternative?

Pet Fresh is an all-natural pet odour eliminator that uses beneficial bacteria and enzymes to break down and digest the stabilising organics produced by pets. Thus, preventing their reaction with the ‘bad’ odour producing bacteria and instead of leaving the added benefit of a fresh mint fragrance. Unlike baking soda, Pet Fresh tackles the source of the bad odour rather than covering it up. Furthermore, because it is a liquid, it can penetrate deeper for applications such as carpets to be more effective.

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