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How to Make Your Pond Child Safe

4th June

If you want children to connect with nature and have a better understanding of how it works, then a garden pond is a great feature to have. Especially if it’s a wildlife pond. Children get exposure to animals such as frogs and dragonflies that they might otherwise rarely encounter. They may even begin to appreciate the role naturally occurring ponds plays in being a hub that sustains life.

Despite this, ponds can be very dangerous for young children to be around unsupervised. There are a few hazards to be aware of. In this guide, we’re sharing advice on how you can make your pond child safe.

Keeping the Kids Away

Children falling into the pond is probably the biggest fear among pond keeping parents and grandparents. It’s without a doubt a potentially life-threatening situation. Not only that. Depending on the state of your pond, children are at risk of becoming ill if they were to swallow any of the water. If you’re looking to completely block a child from accessing your pond, there are two main options.


Secure fencing around the pond (at least 1 metre high) will act as a good barrier against children. This a practical solution, however aesthetically speaking, it ruins the appearance of your pond. You may want to consider a temporary fence. Get one that is moveable yet still strong enough to shield the pond from children and can’t be climbed. This way, you can fence the pond only when needed to keep children safe.

Mesh or Grill Cover

Fencing might not seem like a practical solution. In fact, some people would also argue that fencing will discourage wildlife from the pond. Another option would be to add a mesh or grill cover on top of the pond. Which would also prevent children from falling into the pond.

Mesh/grill covers must be able to support a child’s weight without dropping below the surface of the pond water. You can test this by placing a full hand luggage suitcase on the surface and observing whether the cover supports the weight or drips closer to the water.


Understandably, not everyone wants to add a fence or cover to their pond. However, even if you’ve warned and disciplined your children to keep away from the pond it’s still better to be safe. Another hazard to consider is the use of ornaments around a pond. While ornaments are lovely features for decorating your pond, they’re a part of the problem.

Ornaments attract a child’s curiosity first by sight then by touch. And who can blame them? Garden ornaments could easily be mistaken for toys by children. While you might be able to get away with the odd ornament, we highly advise against having a jungle of them surrounding your pond.

Instead, consider adding bog plants around the edge of the deepest areas of your pond. This will create a barrier against the most dangerous parts of the pond, while simultaneously adding a decorative element

Pond Water Quality

If your children are a little older and it’s reasonably safe for them to be around the pond and interacting with it, it’s important to make sure the pond water is safe. Make sure your pond water is clear and that you’re using chemical-free and natural pond care products.

If you have pets, ask yourself if they would be safe to drink from the pond water. If so, then children are probably safe to dip and finger or two in the water. Although don’t allow young children to feed the fish or to come into contact with wildlife creatures.

Nothing Beats Supervision

While there are various ways to make your pond a safer environment for children, they do not serve to replace adult supervision. Only to support it. Even if you were to add a pond cover, fence it, go ornament free and only use natural products – children still need to be supervised around a pond.

Please also be aware that smaller ponds aren’t free of danger the precautions mentioned are still necessary. They only make your job of supervising easier, giving you an extra sense of security that you and your family can safely enjoy your pond.

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