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The Rise and Fall of Algae: Why Does Algae Float and Sink in Ponds at Different Times of the Day?

18th July

Why does pond algae float during the day and sink at night? The answer to why this happens is simpler than you might first think. This blog uncovers the truth about why this actually happens. 

Like any plant, algae produces oxygen in the day during photosynthesis. The oxygen that is released gets trapped between the filaments of the algae, making it lighter and causing it to float to the top of the pond. At night the oxygen production stops and it begins to dissipate, causing the algae to sink back down to the bottom of the pond.

While algae is not dangerous to fish, it can be unsightly and suggest problems within the pond. Continue reading to find out how to combat this algae once and for all.

Step 1: Perform a water test, testing specifically for pH and Nitrates. 

Use a pond-testing pH kit to check the water parameters. A normal pond pH should be between 7.5 and 8.5. If your pond parameters are off, consider using a product such as Envii Pond Equaliser to buffer the water. If the nitrates in the pond are too high, use Nitrate Klear to remove them.

Step 2: Use a bacterial product to take away nutrients

Algae needs sunlight, warmth and a food source to thrive. Removing its food source will prevent it from growing. Use a bacterial product regularly to remove the nutrients in the pond such as Envii Sludge Klear.

Step 3: Use Algae Klear to kill the algae.

Do not pull algae out of your pond unless your fish are getting tangled in it. By pulling out the algae, spores are released back into the water causing the algae to grow back stronger than before. Instead, use Algae Klear Xtra to kill the algae and break it down.

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