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Volume Calculator

Use our quick and easy pond volume calculator to find out how many litres or gallons of water you pond holds. Once you have this information it will make it a lot easier to use our fantastic pond products!

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Pond Calculator

The pond calculator can be used to calculate the volume and weight using a variety of measurements.





Aquarium Calculator

The aquarium calculator can be used to calculate the volume and weight using a variety of measurements.



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Still not sure how big your pond is?

If you’re unsure about how to measure your pond using our pond volume calculator, or what shape your pond is, this video will explain everything you need to know, including why it is important to know the volume of your pond.

Frequently asked questions

Why is knowing my pond volume essential?

Ponds differ in volume, so the amount of product required for effective pond treatment varies between gardens. Working out your pond water volume, however, can be tricky. 

To work out the volume of your garden pond, simply enter your pond dimensions into our handy pond volume calculator – this will tell you how much water is in your pond. From this information, you can simply select the pond treatment from the drop down, and use the suggested amount of product.

As our handy video tutorial outlines, you can’t overdose Envii pond products, however, you can underdose them, meaning your pond won’t gain the vital benefits of each treatment.

If you need any more assistance working out how to calculate pond volume or simply want to know more about our pond water treatments, call our team on 01246 240 880

What tools do I need to measure my pond volume?

To measure your pond volume and find the correct width, length, and depth dimensions to enter into the pond water calculator, all you need is a tape measure – and a pen and paper if you want to keep a written record of these measurements. Alternatively, if you would prefer to keep a digital record, you can create an account with us and store them in your Envii profile. 

If you have a circular or rectangular pond, collecting the measurements should be fairly simple.

Simply find the correct shape below and follow our simple steps: 

  • Round ponds – Record the diameter (the length from one side to the other whilst intersecting the pond’s centre) and depth measurements.
  • Rectangular ponds – Measure the length, width, and depth.
  • Uniquely shaped ponds – Our video tutorial offers clear and easy instructions on how to best calculate pond volume.


Looking to speak with one of our experienced team? If so, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at info@envii.co.uk

Does the pond volume calculator work for aquariums too?

Yes! The Envii pond water volume calculator can calculate the approximate water volume of your aquarium and has a specific tab to do so for you!

Simply select the aquarium calculator instead of the pond volume calculator and insert the dimensions of your aquarium.

The only difference between the two is that the aquarium volume calculator features our aquarium treatments in the dropdown menu, whereas the pond volume calculator has only pond-specific treatments.

If you would benefit from more information from our helpful professionals, why not get in touch with us today? We’ll be more than happy to assist you with any queries you may have. 

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