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Volume Calculator

Use our quick and easy pond volume calculator to find out how many litres or gallons of water you pond holds. Once you have this information it will make it a lot easier to use our fantastic pond products!

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Pond Calculator

The pond calculator can be used to calculate the volume and weight using a variety of measurements.





Aquarium Calculator

The aquarium calculator can be used to calculate the volume and weight using a variety of measurements.



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Still not sure how big your pond is?

If you’re unsure on how to measure your pond or what shape your pond is, this video will explain everything you need to know, including why it is important to know the volume of your pond.

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    Envii Pond Klear

    A natural, green pond water treatment that effectively clears green and murky pond water. The beneficial bacteria in Envii Pond Klear will also help to prevent green water from returning and will prevent algae from growing in your pond.

    Treats ponds with up to 20,000L

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    Envii Algae Klear Xtra

    Fast acting pond algae treatment that targets and kills submerged blanket weed and string algae within 2 weeks. Works at any temperature and prevents the re-growth of algae due to it’s unique UV light filter.

    £20.00 - £99.99 £16.00 - £79.99
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    Envii Sludge Klear

    Natural, bacterial sludge remover for ponds that targets the build-up of unwanted organics at the bottom of your pond. This layer of sludge can sometimes give off unpleasant odours, so it is important to treat it with bacteria.

    Available as 6 or 12 tablets.

    £14.99 - £25.99 £10.49 - £18.19
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