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Envii Bed Fresh

Cleans urine and sweat smells from mattresses and bedding using natural, beneficial bacteria. Eliminates the source of the odour and leaves behind a fresh floral scent, rather than just masking the odour temporarily.

Available as a refill and a 750ml Trigger Bottle.


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Need To Clean Urine From Mattresses? You Need our Mattress Deodoriser Spray!

As a nation, we love our beds. The average person spends at least 8 hours a day in bed, sleeping, watching tv or eating. That’s 236,520 hours in a lifetime! In short, we love our beds and the feel of new sheets or clean bedding. But, and it’s a big but, we don’t like washing our bedding and we don’t like to clean urine from mattresses.

As we go about our hectic day to day lives; certain jobs get forgotten about or get shunted to the bottom of the to-do list. Down at the bottom of the list, along with walking the dog and mowing the lawn is washing the bedding.

In theory, we should be washing our bedding and mattress every time we get out of it. You wouldn’t work out in the gym for 8 hours and then go to work in your sweaty gym clothes!

We all know this isn’t feasible and this is where Envii Bed Fresh comes in. A biological mattress deodoriser spray that can be used every day on both bedding and mattresses. It eliminates stains and odours caused by sweat, urine and oils.

How do you Freshen a Mattress?

Envii Bed Fresh contains a blend of beneficial bacteria and enzymes to clean urine from mattresses. The spring flower fragrance encapsulates the odour in an invisible force field which allows the enzymes to then begins breaking down the odour and cutting it up into smaller pieces. This then allows the bacteria to digest the odour and leave behind just the fragrance.

Included in the spring flower fragrance is an extract of lavender. As well as producing a pleasant fragrance, lavender has been proven to help you sleep better. This makes this mattress deodoriser spray a dual purpose must-have for anybody who appreciates personal hygiene and sleep.

Simply peel back the covers, give the bed a good spray and let Envii Bed Fresh spend the day cleaning your bed.

As Envii Bed Fresh is a natural, biological product, it is safe to be used around children and pets. We do, however, recommend keeping it out of the reach of children.

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Use Envii Bed Fresh every morning to cut down on the amount your bedding needs washing!

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Does this remove stains?
Ovetime, with regular use it will remove stains but it is more of a deodoriser than stains remover
What does it smell of?
It contains various floral scents, including lavender to improve sleep better.
Can this be used on foam mattresses and toppers?
Yes, Envii Bed Fresh can be used on any mattress, toppers, or bedding.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake before each use

  • 2

    Apply generously to mattress when you change the sheets

  • 3

    Leave to dry for 2-4 hours before making the bed again

  • 4

    Reapply every time you change the sheets

  • 5

    For concentrate product, add 80ml per 750ml trigger spray


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