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Envii Chlorine Klear

A food grade tap water dechlorinator designed to remove all chlorine and chloramines from tap water before applying to your pond. Using natural and beneficial Vitamin C, it conditions water and is safe for all fish, wildlife, pets and filtration systems.

Treats 12,500L


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Give your pond water the Envii dechlorinator treatment!

Chlorine is added in tap water by water companies worldwide as a disinfectant to maintain hygienic water conditions for humans. Unfortunately, when adding tap water to your pond or aquarium the levels of chlorine can be fatal to your fish. It can cause damage to fish gills and in turn causes stress. This is where Envii Chlorine Klear comes into action.

Instantly remove all Chlorine and Chloramines

Envii Chlorine Klear is a food grade pond dechlorinator that treats large volumes of water before applying to your pond. It instantly removes all Chlorine and Chloramines and all other Heavy Metals from you pond water. As one of the most concentrated treatments available, it can treat large volumes of water. 500ml can treat up to 12,500 litres!

As well as selling itself as one of the most concentrated treatments available, it also contains no temperature-controlled ingredients. It can be used all year round to get rid of all chemicals from the tap water and keep your fish gleaming daily. It is pivotal to neutralise the tap water, as in summer there is a greater risk of high bacteria levels. Because of this, water companies apply higher levels of chlorine to keep the bacteria away.

Natural Vitamin C chlorine removal

Envii Chlorine Klear uses Vitamin C to instantly remove all harmful chlorines and chloramines from water. Vitamin C chlorine removal is the most natural, and beneficial way to remove chlorine from your tap water. Vitamin C effectively neutralises chlorine and is safer to use rather than other sulphur-based dechlorinators.

If you want to know how to make your tap water safe for fish, and why it is important to do so, read our blog.

How to keep your pond water chlorine free!

Envii Chlorine Klear is used when water levels need topping up due to water loss by evaporation, splashes from water features or even leaks from pumps and filters. Used when needed and applied correctly, Envii Chlorine Klear will eliminate all nasties from your pond and keep it clean and safe for your wildlife (a bonus for both you and the fish!).

See the dangers chlorine can have on your pond and wildfire, with this blog from Pond Place.

In conjunction with using Envii Chlorine Klear, we also recommend keeping a check on your ponds pH and KH levels by using Pond Equaliser. This instantly stabilises the water parameters and creates the ideal environment for fish and bacteria.

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Be sure to add the product in the same location you are adding the water to help with even distribution.

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Is it safe for fish?
Yes, as a food grade treatment, this product is non-toxic and is safe to use whilst your fish are in your pond. The product removes all chlorine from tap water instantly to keep fish free from gill burns or stress.
Does it have a use by date?
Once opened, we recommend you use all the product within a year.
How often do I need to use it?
The product should be used when you feel like your pond water needs topping up. Use in the tap water before applying all water to your pond.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake bottle well before use

  • 2

    Add 20ml per 500 litres

  • 3

    Apply directly in to pond when adding tap water

  • 4

    Repeat when required


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