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Envii Maximato Xtra

Grow your tomatoes with an organic tomato fertiliser and get Xtra fruit, Xtra size, Xtra flavour, Xtra value, Xtra soup, Xtra sauce, oh, and a good helping of our high quality seaweed to feed your tomato plants.

Our 60g packet will treat 10 tomato plants.


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How would you like Xtra fruit, Xtra flavour and Xtra size from your tomato plant this year? Well with our organic tomato fertiliser, you can!

Envii Maximato Xtra is an organic tomato fertiliser like no other. Rather than a weak mix of nutrients, it uses beneficial bacteria and seaweed to help promote strong, early growth in tomato plants. Due to its unique makeup, it offers a long list of Xtra benefits.

The bacteria coat the plant’s roots in a layer (think of the Ready Brek Glow advert from the ’80s) that helps to protect them from pathogens and absorb more available nutrients and water from the soil. They act in a similar way to mycorrhizal fungi, but better.

During tests, plants treated with Envii Maximato Xtra were able to control the amount of water they absorbed which reduced the risk of blossom end rot. Add Xtra protection to the list.

The added seaweed provides plants with one of the best, natural sources of nutrition. Seaweed is rich in essential macro and micronutrients that help to build resilience in plants. Xtra nutrients.

Our 60g packet will treat 10 tomato plants and comes in a packet rather than a bottle saving up to 92%! Helping you to go green with envii.

For more tips on tomato care, see our very own Tomato Plant Care Guide.

What makes Envii Maximato Xtra special as a plant fertiliser?

  • All the ingredients are xtra organic
  • Increases crop yield by up to 50%
  • Reduces the risk of blossom end rot
  • Comes in an xtra sustainable packet
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To support your plant through the rest of its growth, feed weekly with Envii SeaFeed Xtra

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Is Envii Maximato Xtra organic?
Yes, the ingredients we use in Envii Maximato Xtra are Xtra organic, including the Xtra seaweed powder that we include.
How many plants will this treat?
Envii Maximato Xtra will treat up to 10 tomato plants which should be more than enough for any avid gardener without a tomato addiction.
Can this be used on other plants?
Yes, Maximato Xtra can be used on any cropping plant, from tomatoes to potatoes to cucamelon's and Kiwano.

How to use

  • 1

    Week 1 - sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant at 3 leaf stage and water in with 50ml water, or sprinkle 1 scoop into planting hole, plant, then water with 50ml

  • 2

    Week 4 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 100ml water

  • 3

    Week 8 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 200ml water

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