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Envii Kit Fresh

Natural odour eliminator that uses beneficial bacteria to remove sweat odours and stains from all clothing and footwear. The beneficial bacteria target the source of the odour (rather than just masking it) and leave behind a fresh, mint fragrance.

Available as a Refill and 750ml Trigger Bottle.


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Eliminate Odours from Sports Equipment with One Simple Step!

Nobody wants to be that person in the gym, on the field, on the court, or in day to day life who looks the part but has a rather unpleasant and sweaty personal scent profile!

Although rarely talked about, sweat is nothing to be ashamed about. It’s a natural thing everyone does and if you are working out hard enough, it should be expected in abundance. However, the smell can be embarrassing for some people and off-putting to others so it’s time to tackle it.

How do you get that Sweat Smell out of Clothes?

Envii Kit Fresh is a sports equipment odour eliminator that doesn’t just mask the smell of sweat. It breaks down the organics that create the smell, leaving behind a fresh, spring mint fragrance. If used on new kit to prevent an odour, or old kit to get rid of odours, Envii Kit Fresh will take away the chore of having to scrub equipment such as boxing gloves.

Other odour eliminators use natural products such as bamboo or activated charcoal to eliminate the smell of sweat from equipment. Whilst these can be effective, they are not solving the problem. They are very porous materials that remove excess moisture from kit, resulting in a reduced odour.

However, the sweat is still being stored inside the bamboo or charcoal. Eventually, the bad bacteria that cause the odour will find their way in and treat themselves to your sweat.

Envii Kit Fresh can be used on all types of sports kit to extend its life. From hockey gloves to football boots and from motorbike helmets to helmet protectors, such as a cricket abdo guard.

A great sports equipment odour eliminator that is essential for any kit bag and will eliminate the embarrassment of sweat in one step!

Why Does Sweat Smell?

Sweat itself doesn’t smell, as it is mainly made up of water. The unpleasant odour is the natural bacteria that live on your skin breaking down the proteins and lipids that are found in sweat.

The warm, damp conditions of your armpit are perfect for these bacteria to live and thrive in. Envii Kit Fresh uses innovative bacteria to break down these proteins and lipids but, digests the odour as well.

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Use on new clothes to protect them from developing sweat odours. Ongoing use will continue to protect the clothing and eliminate any possible smells.

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Can this be used on any material?
Yes but we always advise testing a small area first.
What does the fragrance smell like?
We include a spring mint fragrance in Envii Kit Fresh.
Can this be used on new and old clothes?
Yes, Envii Kit Fresh is great at both eliminating smells and preventing them.

How to use

  • 1

    Where possible, wash clothing before applying

  • 2

    Use liberally for first application and apply to affected area

  • 3

    Allow product to dry before wearing clothing or shoes

  • 4

    Use after every use, being sure to target the affected area

  • 5

    For concentrated product, use 80ml per 750ml trigger spray

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