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How to Care for Lupins (Potting On & Hardening Off)

In this video, Dave continues his guide to growing lupins from seed by showing how to care for lupins. You will learn how to pot lupins on so they can form a good root system and how to harden lupins off so that they withstand any cold weather.

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Here’s what Dave says in this video…

So these are some lupins that we set about six seven weeks ago and they developed into nice sturdy young plants, so today we are going to talk about how to care for lupins.

How to Care for Lupins: Potting On

Now the thing about lupins is they have a deep taproot so you need a deep pot for them. So what I’m going to do is I’m going to use these recycled yogurt pots I’ve put some holes in the bottom for drainage. And because of the depth of them that will allow the lupin to develop a good root system. So I’m just going to fill it about halfway. With good quality peat free compost. And then knock this one out. As you can see they’ve got roots coming out the bottom. That’s a good sign that they’re ready for the potting on. So I’m just going to gently. Ease that out. You can see the root system on that. So you would pop that into there and just gently settle it in and label it back up. And that now just wants water in and then will allow the lupin to develop its root system. And then when you put it into your garden you’re not going to disturb the tap root because that’s the key thing about it is that it can check them which means you stop them growing for a period of time. So without disturb it happens just pop in and away it’ll go.

How to Care for Lupins: Hardening Off

In about two or three weeks. I’ll start bringing them out in the daytime to to harden them off. And that just means that if you’re getting them used to cooler conditions outside obviously if it’s cold in the day as in it’s freezing or it’s snowing or whatever don’t bring them outside. But if it’s a day like today they can sit outside today quite comfortably. It’s like eight nine degrees at the minute and it just helps them get used to being outside to come back in at night under that for seven ten days. And that just hardens them off. That’s what they call it. Just toughens them up. Yeah. You can get things called root runners which are really good for sweet peas. Just be careful not to squeeze the stem and you can try hold it in by the leaves. But they’re quite a heavy plant because obviously all the compost that’s around the roots.

Different Lupin Varieties

We’ve got two varieties, we’ve got the pixie ones the dwarf ones and we’ve got the normal festival mixed ones which are a bit taller.