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Growing Fruit Trees and Plants: Beginner Tips

14th December

Growing your own fruit trees and plants is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do from home.

To grow your own fruit trees or plants, you start with a seed/ling, young plant or small tree, tending to and caring for its well being and sooner than you know it, the plant or tree bears you fruit. It almost feels like the plant is saying thank you and that thank you couldn’t get any sweeter than a healthy, home-grown abundance of fruit.

As you read this, you probably don’t need to be convinced about the benefits of growing your own fruits but nonetheless, it’s worth mentioning why it’s such a good idea.

The obvious thing is that you would be saving money, and who doesn’t like to save a little? Or a lot, depending on how much you plan to grow. You would also know exactly where the fruit came from, how it was treated and better yet, you won’t have to pay for every 500 g worth of fruit you want.

It’s you against the supermarket and trust us, you’re winning!

To help you grow your best crops of fruit as a beginner, here’s a guide at a glance with useful tips to help you plant and grow 4 of the most popular and commonly consumed fruits!

Check out these beginner tips for growing Fruit Trees and Plants:

growing fruit trees and plants infographic


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