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All About Guide Dog Characteristics

31st January

Guide Dogs are known for assisting the blind and partially sighted in making their journeys throughout the day. That’s a big task! So, what guide dog characteristics does it take to make the perfect walking friend? From intelligence to being family orientated, Guide Dogs are more than just a walking companion! So we’ve compiled fact file info-graphics with a rating system generated by @pets4homes to give you and glimpse of 3 top guide dog breeds.

Smarty Paws

Intelligence is a no-brainer when it comes to a Guide Dog’s characteristics. They’re responsible for the safety of their owner when travelling. This intelligence makes them easy to train which is super important for the three-stage training program run by the Guide Dogs UK charity. The program involves being walked as puppies and learning basic obedience. Further training involves avoiding obstacles and crossing roads. Followed by advanced training, being matched to a prospective owner and catering to their specific needs.

Family Friendly

Being good with children is also another important characteristic for Guide Dogs. That’s because children themselves sometimes require them, not to mention that those who use Guide Dogs may have young family members. The dogs need to be well suited to family dynamics and that means being adaptable to children of all ages.


The cost to keep and exercise needs are also major contributing factors. This is not surprising considering Guide Dogs have to be kept in optimum health so they can care for their owner. After the cost of training, food and health insurance can contribute greatly to the maintenance of Guide Dogs. Meaning these intelligent group of dogs don’t come cheap.

Bonus Fun Fact: In support of Guide Dogs UK, in 2019, Envii donated over £10,000 to the charity. Since then we have sponsored two guide dogs, Edgar and Envii who have both recently finished their training and moved into their new home to aid their owners.

Here is Edgar, ready to go to his new home.

Edgar Framed


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If you’ve still got questions about guide dogs that need answers, check out this article.

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