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How to reduce pond nitrates

1st March

Nitrates are the natural by-product of the breakdown of ammonia and nitrites in a pond environment. While a low level of nitrates in your pond is safe, if remained unchecked it can become very harmful to your fish.

High pond nitrates can cause various problems for your fish including brown-blood disease, This, a potentially fatal disease that prevents red blood cells from accessing vital oxygen.

Pond Plants

To reduce nitrates consider adding pond plants into your pond. Pond plants have several benefits when it comes to maintaining healthy pond water, one of which is reducing and improving overall nitrate levels. As plants create food they absorb nitrates from the water and release oxygen back out into the water. The oxygen released back out into the pond creates better water quality for fish. Find out more about pond plants here.

Bacterial Treatment

Envii Nitrate Klear is an ideal, natural solution to reducing nitrate levels. It uses bacterial strains which target the nitrates and nitrites and work to remove them. It works as low as 8°C which means you can use this treatment even in the colder months. Nitrate Klear can be used as a one-time treatment to reduce the nitrate levels in ponds. Alternatively, it can be used as an ongoing treatment to keep the nitrate levels low whilst also keeping your pond water healthy.

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