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Pond predators and how to protect your pond from them

2nd November

Ponds can be a wonderful addition to any garden and fish can add to the aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like heading out to your pond, listening to the water and watching your fish glide peacefully through the water. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to hold on to this experience, especially if hungry predators catch on to this tasty spot.

What are pond predators?


Heron pond predator

Pond predators are any animal that typically resides outside your pond that is a threat to your fish. Common pond predators include:

  • -Herons
  • -Cats
  • -Birds of prey
  • -Snakes
  • -Minks
  • -Foxes


To discover how to protect your fish from pond predators, read on.


The first and most subtle way of protecting fish from predators is creating hiding spaces within the pond for fish to find shelter. Fish that are bread domestically will not be fearful of predators until they first encounter one. Once this experience has taken place, they will then know when they next encounter a predator, they need to hide. Create hiding spaces in your pond using rocks or plants. A permanent cave made with rocks is the safest option. 


Netting is an effective way of not only protecting your pond from predators but also stopping organic debris from falling into the water. The only downside to netting is that it can be unsightly and ruin the aesthetic the pond brings into your garden. Ensure you use good quality netting as cheap plastic netting can be easily clawed or pecked.

Monofilament Line

Monofilament line is a clear fishing wire that can be used to create an invisible net over the top of the pond. This net is typically raised over the pond and therefore only prevents birds from diving into the pond. Any other predator on land will still be able to access the pond.


A plastic heron can do more protecting than you first might think. Herons are known for being territorial therefore if a real heron flying by sees the pond and the heron, chances are the real heron will not approach. 


A sunshade is another way of protecting your fish from birds as they will not see the pond. The other benefit of having a sunshade over your pond is that it reduces the amount of UV that can enter the pond which therefore reduces algae and green water


Dogs can be one of the best protectors for your pond as they are territorial. A simple bark or run around the garden can be enough to scare off any predator. Certain breeds are known to be more territorial than others.

Electric Fences

This is not something we recommend but electric fences are an effective way of keeping predators such as foxes out of your pond and garden. If you do choose this method, ensure you add clear signage to warn others. This method will not work for herons, birds of prey or pets that are already in the garden. 

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