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The Causes and Solutions to Red Pond Water

29th September

Seeing red pond water can be alarming, but there are many causes and solutions for this issue. From tannins to algae, red pond water can be caused by a variety of different things and to learn more continue reading below.

Tannins Causing Red Pond Water 

The most common cause of red pond water is tannins which are organic substances that cause pond water to discolour. It is a naturally occurring by-product of decomposing matter such as leaves and debris. This often occurs when beneficial bacteria break down debris and the tannin is released into the water during the process.

Any kind of debris can cause tannins, however, if your pond is turning an unusual colour, it can be linked to the type of debris. For example, if maple leaves enter your pond, it will cause the water to turn red due to the colouring of the leaves.

This is a naturally occurring process and will not cause any harm to your fish. However, if there becomes a large build-up of debris at the bottom of the pond this can cause a change in water colour.

You can avoid this by netting your pond, creating a  surface barrier through which the debris cannot fall through. This is mostly beneficial in autumn/winter when trees begin to drop their leaves.

Damaged Pond Liner

Another cause of coloured pond water is if you have a damaged pond liner. As the sediment from around the pond can leak into the water. This can cause a change in colour, especially if you live in an area with elevated levels of copper and iron oxides in the soil.

A solution is to see where the damage has been caused and repair the liner to avoid this happening again.

Red Algae Blooms

It is seldom occurring but there is such a thing as red algae. Red algae can give you the impression that the water is red.  It is commonly found in the sea; however, it has been found in ponds.

In terms of treatment for red algae, it is a slow process of starving the algae of its food source. Use Sludge Klear to break down any debris in the bottom of the pond that is releasing nutrients keeping the algae alive.

Another way algae can cause red water is when algae bloom die and sink to the bottom of the pond. The algae bloom releases tannins into the water as they decay. Simply remove the dead algae from the pond or use a sludge remover to break down the matter.

Is red pond water dangerous to fish?

If the water is turning red due to multiple algae blooms or debris in the pond, this could cause a significant decrease in oxygen levels and alter the pond parameters. Simply remove any dead algae and debris with a net and use Pond Equaliser to help stabilise the pond parameters.

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