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Pond Klear – The Green Pond Water Treatment Revolution

26th February

Envii Pond Klear is a green pond water treatment designed to remove the organics that cause algae-based problems like green water. While water treatments like this have been around for years, Pond Klear has one huge unique advantage. It works in temperatures as low as 4°C. This means owners can treat their ponds throughout the year and maintain clear water. Traditional water treatments only work as low as 10-12°C, which is only 5 months of the year where it will have any effect. In this article, we’re going to explain why low-temperature activity is so important for pond owners.

Why do ponds go green?

Your pond is naturally full of organic matter. Whether it’s the twigs from overhanging trees, droppings from pigeons or koi’s bodily functions, pond’s contain organic material that will decay. This process of decay introduces substances such as phosphorous, ammonia and hydrogen sulphide into the pond water. Small amounts are fine, but too much and they can easily affect water quality and the health of your fish. We call this the “organic loading” of a pond. The more organics, the more decay, the more adverse effects on water quality. Bacterial pond treatments work by introducing beneficial bacteria that clear up or reduce things like nitrites, nitrates, phosphorous and ammonia. All these things are basically food for algae, so, by reducing or removing them, the growth of algae will be suppressed. Organic matter will decay at anything above 6°C. Means that for most of the year, the organics are decaying and the levels of phosphorous, ammonia etc are rising. Due to fact that pond treatments only work above 10-12°C there is a large gap where the problem will worsen without any way of combating it.

Envii’s low-temperature strains.

Alongside our partners in USA, we have discovered and developed a strain of bacteria that works as low as 4°C. We used a stream in Pennsylvania to sample it. Because its natural environment is water, it’s perfect for a water-based bacterial treatment. It works the same way as traditional water-treatments in that it reduces levels of harmful substances which feed algae. However, because it works at a temperature lower than organic matter can decay, it stops and prevents it.

What is Pond Klear?

A flagship water-treatment, designed specifically for use in Koi and garden ponds. It incorporates the low-temperature strain which means it is the first all-year round green water treatment. Rather than waiting for your pond to go green, treat constantly throughout the year. Harmful substances are removed when the pond becomes established with the beneficial bacteria. Used as a one-off to get your pond crystal clear, we also recommend keeping the pond topped up with bacteria.

A few tips to get the most out of Pond Klear.

We always advise our customers that you should clean out your filters before using Pond Klear. This is because the bacteria will loosen a lot of solid organic matter which is pulled through the filter. If the filter gets clogged, the water simply runs over the top of the filter and will therefore become ineffective. You should continue to clean your filters regularly whilst using any bacteria product as they’ll clog up much faster. Also, don’t forget to turn any UV lights off before using Pond Klear. UV light kills both good and bad bacteria indiscriminately, so the product won’t work until they’re turned off. When you start using Pond Klear, make sure to use a double or even triple dose to get things moving. Bacteria grows logarithmically (1 becomes 2, 2 become 4, 4 become 8 etc.). Therefore, the more you put in at the start the quicker your pond will become established with beneficial bacteria. This has no adverse effect on fish as the bacteria are naturally occurring and fish safe! It’s always worth remembering that Pond Klear isn’t a “miracle” solution. It won’t clear green water overnight, but it will go to the source of these issues and fix them. Be persistent with it and have a bit of patience while the ‘good’ bacteria start to dominate the pond environment. Think of it as part of your pond maintenance regime rather than something to quickly fix a problem. Pond Klear is much more than just another pond water treatment. By digesting organic matter at a low temperature, pond owners can treat much later into autumn and earlier in spring. Meaning no more pond lovers will be welcomed by a green pond full of sludge in the spring when they just want to sit back and enjoy it.

Struggling with your pond? Feel free to get in touch with our friendly customer service team here.

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