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Deep Rooter

Plant root stimulator that uses a unique blend of natural minerals to increase the length and mass of a plants root system in order to give it more access to water and nutrients. Can also be used on cuttings or seedlings to encourage strong new growth.




Grow longer stronger roots even in dry soil.
Every gardener knows longer roots mean stronger plants, if you didn’t know that, we feel you should do. Envii Deep Rooter is the easiest way to give nature a helping hand. The application of a plant root stimulator stimulates the plant to grow longer, stronger, wider-spread roots capable of accessing more nutrients and water even when they are deeper in the soil. Envii Deep Rooter combines a sophisticated blend of natural plant extracts and nutrients which give proven results and protect plants from droughts.

More resilient plants
One reason that Envii Deep Rooter is growing in popularity amongst top gardeners is the resilience it brings to plants during extended periods of heat or when there is a drought. In areas where it may be hard to water plants regularly, such as allotments, the deeper roots allow them to access water that may normally be out of reach. This makes them more resilient to dry spells and protects them from droughts. Sometimes too much water can also be a problem. Heavy rain fall can often dilute or wash away soil nutrients near the surface. The root growth driven by a plant root stimulator allows the plant to access the nutrients normally out of reach.

Grow in sandy soil
Some gardeners resign themselves to the fact that some plants will never grow in their garden due to soil conditions. Deep Rooter is ideal for soil which tends to drain quickly, such as sandy soil. Treated plants have a better chance of absorbing the moisture and nutrients before they drain away.

Tried and tested
Deep Rooter facilitates the storage of carbohydrates and sugars; and trials at a leading University demonstrate that it is also particularly effective in aiding the plants uptake of phosphorous & sulphur.

The perfect alternative to rooting hormone powder or mycorrhizal fungi.

– Extends root length and mass
– Increases nutrient and water uptake
– Protects against drought conditions and low water events
– Increases plant’s ability to utilise phosphorous and sulphur
– Makes plants more robust
– Ideal for allotments where access to water may be restricted or fast drain areas
– Stronger roots make stronger plants.

If using in conjunction with Envii Early Starter use half doses (10ml per 5 litre of water)

Apply every 14 days throughout the growing season for best results!

Dilute 20ml per 5 litres of water and apply to base of the plant.

250ml makes over 60 litres of treatment

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Begin using Deep Rooter when plants have developed their first three leaves.

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Are there any plants that this can't be used on?
No, Deep Rooter can be used on all plants.
Can this be used on cuttings?
Yes, Deep Rooter is great at stimulating root growth within cuttings.
How often should I use this?
We recommend using Deep Rooter every 2 weeks.

How to use

  • 1

    Shake before each use

  • 2

    For soil application, add 20ml of Deep Rooter to 5L of clean water

  • 3

    For foliar application, use 2ml per 1 litre of water

  • 4

    Apply to the base of the plant

  • 5

    Reapply every 14 days

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