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    Envii Winter Pond Treatment

    Bacterial pond treatment that breaks down the build-up of unwanted material in your pond over winter to help prevent green water and algae in spring. The bacteria will clear water and break up leaves and sludge to keep ponds healthy.

    Each tablet treats 5,000L of water. Available as 9 or 18 tablets.

    £15.99 - £24.99 £11.19 - £18.99
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    Envii Lake Klear

    Natural lake water treatment that uses beneficial bacteria to clear green and murky water in lakes and natural swimming ponds or pools. The bacteria will also help prevent any algae growth within the water such as blanket weed and duckweed.

    Available in 200m2, 500m2 & 1000m2.

    £69.99 - £189.99 £48.99 - £151.99
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    Envii Kit Fresh

    Natural odour eliminator that uses beneficial bacteria to remove sweat odours and stains from all clothing and footwear. The beneficial bacteria target the source of the odour (rather than just masking it) and leave behind a fresh, mint fragrance.

    Available as a Refill and 750ml Trigger Bottle.

    £7.99 - £11.99 £6.39 - £10.79
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    Envii Maximato

    Organic tomato fertiliser that uses beneficial bacteria to colonise the roots of plants and encourage strong growth and increased crop yield of up to 50%. Envii Maximato also helps to build resilience in plants and can prevent diseases such as blossom end rot.

    Available in a 500ml Bottle. 1 Bottle can treat 10 tomato plants.

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    Envii Grease Eater Turbo

    A powerful grease trap treatment for use in the nastiest of grease traps! Uses a specially selected blend of bacteria and enzymes to quickly dissolve fat, oil, and grease found in your traps.

    Available in 5L or 10L

    £29.99 - £49.99 £23.99 - £39.99
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    Envii Pond Klear & Sludge Klear

    This is a two-product bundle that can be used to cure green pond water and remove sludge. The unique bacteria will focus on the two separate areas to clear your pond and keep it clear.

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    Envii Aquarium Klear

    Natural aquarium treatment that clears green and murky water in both fresh and saltwater tanks. Contains beneficial bacteria to break down the organics that cause green water and help prevent algae growth.

    1 bottle treats 4,000 litres.

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    Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn

    Liquid lawn feed for use in Autumn to help strengthen grass ahead of harsh winter conditions. Envii Greenkeeper’s Autumn also helps to reduce the risk of disease on lawns by improving the airflow between blades.

    Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

    Covers up to 300m2

    £17.99 - £19.99 £14.99 - £16.99
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    Envii Annual Pond Treatment Xtra

    Pond water treatment that targets three known problem areas in ponds, green water, sludge and nitrate levels, which are usually the cause of green water or algae. Contains 1L of Envii Pond Klear Xtra, 6 Envii Sludge Klear tablets & 6 Envii Nitrate Klear tablets.

    Save £13.98 by buying our annual pond water treatment pack!

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    Envii Maximato Xtra

    Grow your tomatoes with an organic tomato fertiliser and get Xtra fruit, Xtra size, Xtra flavour, Xtra value, Xtra soup, Xtra sauce, oh, and a good helping of our high quality seaweed to feed your tomato plants.

    Our 60g packet will treat 10 tomato plants.

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    Envii Deep Rooter

    Plant root stimulator that uses a unique blend of natural minerals to increase the length and mass of a plants root system in order to give it more access to water and nutrients. Can also be used on cuttings or seedlings to encourage strong new growth.

    Available in 250ml Concentrate and 75oml Trigger.

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    Envii Foundation

    You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations, so you shouldn’t grow plants on poor foundations. Improve plant health and protection from pathogens using beneficial bacteria.

    Our 100g packet is capable of treating up to 20 plants.

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