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SeaFeed Xtra

Organic liquid seaweed fertiliser that contains additional urea, iron and amino acids to improve a plants root development and crop yield. The NPK ratio of this fertiliser is 19-0-1.5 and this helps to promote lush plant growth and improved health.




Straight from Mother Nature, Organic Liquid Seaweed Fertiliser!

Seaweed has been used for centuries in gardening and is still one of the best performing fertilisers available. It contains essential nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium, known for improving soil fertility and plant health.

Seaweed used to be picked straight from the beach and thrown either on to the compost pile or soil. It would then break down and leach nutrients in to the soil, making it more fertile. Since then, the seaweed market has come on a long way with far greater results.

SeaFeed Xtra is a unique fertiliser that has all the benefits of a normal liquid seaweed fertiliser. However, with an added formulation to improve nutrients within the plant. This delivers vital nutrients from the seaweed into the main artery of the plant without the having to expend unnecessary energy to break them down.

The seaweed we use in SeaFeed Xtra, is Ascophyllum Nodosum which is also known as knotted wrack. It grows in the harsh Atlantic waters and can stimulate strong plant growth. It also provides plants with crucial anti-stress compounds. This giving them the ability to fight off the British weather.

Harvested between April and October when the growth hormones and biologically active compounds are at their highest levels. To retain more vital nutrients it goes through a cold press manufacturing process. This process produces a more concentrated product, in the quickest time possible to ensure no nutrients are lost!

This quick, yet cool process allows us to boast one of the most concentrated liquid seaweed fertilisers on the market! This high concentration is what gives our seaweed fertiliser its dark brown colouring.

With an NPK ratio of 19-0-1.5, it’s a high nitrogen feed that is perfect for encouraging growth in the garden. The inclusion of Xtra Iron & Xtra Amino Acids, increases crop yield and quality across a wide range of crops.

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Foliar application is the best application method, as the plant has no choice but to take the nutrients on board.

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Is this suitable for all plants?
Yes, SeaFeed Xtra is suitable for everything, from vegetables to shrubs and hedges.
What is the NPK of this fertiliser?
The NPK of SeaFeed Xtra is 19-0-1.5 but it also includes extra iron and plant based amino acids sourced from sugar cane.
Is this product organic, vegan and vegitarian friendly?
Yes, none of the ingredients have been sourced from anaimals and the product has been recognised as being organic.

How to use

  • 1

    Follow the dosage rates on the back of the bottle

  • 2

    Apply either via foliar spray or root drench, again following the guide on the bottle

  • 3

    Reapply every 7-10 days for best results


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