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Septic Tank Care

Struggling with a smelly septic tank? Septic tanks are a great alternative to mains plumbing, however, they do require some maintenance in order to work effectively. Take a look through our articles on septic tank care to keep your tank clean and healthy.



  • What can you put down a septic tank?
    What shouldn’t go down a septic tank Septic tanks are commonly found in rural areas where a property doesn’t have access to nearby sewer connectio... Read more
  • Featured Product: Septic Klear
    Septic Klear tablets are a unique mixture of fast-acting, task-specific bacteria with added nutrients for septic tank treatment and cleaning. Septic K... Read more
  • Why do septic tanks struggle in winter?
      Septic tanks are a great alternative to mains plumbing, but they sometimes need a little helping hand to stay in the best working order. [&hell... Read more