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How To Extend The Life Of Your Hanging Baskets And Other Flowers

September is a funny time for gardeners. A lot of your time will be spent preparing for next season; treating the garden, planting evergreens, trimming conifers. A lot of jobs that won’t let you reap the rewards for another 8-9 months.

But don’t worry. The season isn’t quite over yet and we’ve got a product that can make it last even longer.

Envii Revive is our rescue/repair remedy for slow-developing or damaged plants and helps extend the life of hanging baskets. It contains some carefully selected nutrients that can help boost a plant’s health.  After talking to some of our customers, we found that some people were using it on their hanging baskets and other decorative flowers in order to make them last longer. And it works! All you have to do is start spraying the leaves lightly twice a week and you’ll see the life return to your plants in no time.

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