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How Envii Feed and Protect Works to Protect Against Slugs

Slugs are technically active all year round, your garden is most at risk when weather conditions are warm and damp. Can you imagine heavy rainfall in the middle of June?

Nice slippery surfaces for slugs to glide across and the weather warm enough for them to unearth themselves from underneath rocks, soil and grass. Although in the UK, a wet summer isn’t exactly beyond anybody’s imagination. It’s often the norm.

In our previous post – How to Win the Fight Against Slugs and Snails, we listed a range of different tactics for gardeners to try and protect their plants from gastropods.

Now we’re following up with more detail on how Feed and Protect specifically, works to not only defend your plants but delivers essential nutrients to encourage healthy growth.

As mentioned, there are two important and unique factors that make Feed and Protect a must-have for gardeners hoping to achieve a damage free abundant harvest. These include protection from slugs and snails, of course. But also, feeding plants.

Protection from Slugs and Snails

In the past, slug pellets have historically been used as the go-to slug control method. Although they are effective at removing the slug problem, they’re detrimental to the environment and not safe around children, pets and wildlife. Not to mention how slug pellets affect the natural food chain of wildlife by killing slugs.

In contrast and in its own unique way, Feed and Protect works by making your crops distasteful to slugs and snails rather than by killing them.

We like to describe this as taste bug technology.

(Yes, bug)

See humans have far advanced taste buds than gastropods, therefore we’re able to eat a range of foods varying in flavours, textures, spices and temperatures. Meanwhile, slugs and snails are herbivore creatures whose food palate generally hasn’t ever changed. So, when plants are treated with Feed and Protect, it’s essentially like sprinkling strong spices on their food when all they only like to eat it bland.

The same way slugs are attracted to beer, they are in fact, deterred by feed and protect because they instinctively know they won’t like the taste of your plants. Therefore, they will stop munching on them and go look for food elsewhere. Pretty amazing right?

Feeding Plants

In addition to protecting against slugs, Feed and Protect also delivers essential micro-nutrients. Including but not limited to Potassium, Boron, Zinc, Iron and Copper, which all encourage plants to grow and flourish to their full potential.

It’s one thing to protect your plants from slugs but to feed them at the same time is quite impressive. How is that for killing to slugs with one stone? Without any killing or stones involved of course. But you get the idea.

A Slug Deterring Hat-Trick

These two factors alone make it like no other natural slug control method available to everyday gardeners. Feed and Protect’s formula is only used in large scale agriculture and mainly as plant food.

We’ve taken this formula and turned into a slug deterring hat-trick (if you include the fact that it’s also vegan-friendly). Packaging it to make it readily available to everyday gardeners. The best doesn’t have to be reserved for the few, you too can grow like the professionals.



Speaking of professionals, here’s what BBC Radio 2’s Allotment Doctor, Terry Walton had to say about using Feed and Protect:


Discover more about Feed and Protect:

  • Feed & Protect

    This is a unique slug deterrent method that slightly alters the taste of a plants foliage in order to deter slugs (this taste is undetectable to humans). Also contains a blend of essential micro-nutrients to improve plant growth.


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