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How To Clean A Pond Without A Filter

4th May

Although most pond owners choose to add a pond filter, it is not essential for the overall success of the pond.

A common question we get asked is ‘Will Envii Pond Klear work on a pond without a filter?

The short answer is that it does work on ponds without filters.

Here’s the longer answer…

The bacteria in Pond Klear eat the organic matter (i.e. twigs, fish waste, fish food etc) that decays causing algae and sludge. However, it would be a tall order for them to eat all of the algae and sludge created. Instead, Pond Klear also works by detaching the organic matter from any surfaces in the pond and clumping it together, allowing it to get caught in the filter.

So Pond Klear WILL work in a pond without a filter but it won’t work anywhere near as quickly.

Because of this we generally recommend that people use Pond Klear Xtra and Sludge Klear in a pond without a filter. These products together have a far higher concentration of bacteria and work in tandem to eat the organic matter. While it is more expensive, you are guaranteed results.

It’s also worth physically removing any debris floating on the top of your pond. This allows the bacteria to focus on clearing the organic matter underneath.

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