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How To Clean A Pond Without A Filter

4th May

All pond owners will understand the beauty and tranquillity a pond adds to an outdoor space. While most pond owners choose to add a pond filter, it is not essential for the overall success of the pond. Whatever your reason for choosing not to add a filter to your pond, here are some alternative methods to maintain your pond. 

Removing debris

The most important step in maintaining a clear pond without a filter is regularly removing the debris. Organic matter can accumulate in the water such as fallen leaves or twigs over time. Once this breaks down, it creates sludge which in large quantities can cause serious issues in your pond. Use a net or pond rake to gently skim and remove any floating debris. 

Aquatic plants

Aquatic plants are a fantastic way to maintain a healthy ecosystem in your pond. They provide shade and oxygen in your pond, whilst also absorbing excess nutrients that can cause an algae bloom. Plants such as lotus, and lilies are great additions to your pond. To find out more, read our blog on pond plants: a beginner guide. 

Pond aeration

Pond oxygen levels are an important element of a healthy pond, and in a pond without a filter, increasing oxygen levels is even more crucial. To incorporate more oxygen into your pond consider installing a pond aerator such as a foundation. This helps to prevent stagnant water and discourage algae growth. To find out more, discover how to maintain healthy pond oxygen levels here. 

Beneficial bacteria

Beneficial bacteria is instrumental in breaking down organic matter and reducing excess nutrients in your pond. A pond filter would usually assist in the circulation of beneficial bacteria throughout your pond but it is still possible for beneficial bacteria to work in a pond without a filter. It will just take longer to see results. For a pond without a filter, we would recommend using a combination of Pond Klear Xtra and Sludge Klear to see great results. These products together have a far higher concentration of bacteria and work in tandem to eat the organic matter and therefore guarantee results. 

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As you can see, although it is undoubtedly beneficial to have a filter in your pond it is not essential. With a combination of the methods explored above, including pond aeration and beneficial bacteria, it is possible to create and maintain a healthy pond ecosystem.

Don’t forget to regularly monitor the pond parameters of your pond using pond test strips, for more information on how to do this, check out this blog on the ideal pond parameters.

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