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6 Tips To Prepare Your Pond For Spring

10th March

Spring brings with it, an abundance of new life in the garden and a nodding desire to spend more time outdoors. However, if you have a pond, you’re unlikely to enjoy the view of your garden unless you’ve done some tending to your pond.

Here’s a guide to 6 jobs to get your pond prepared for spring..

Dirt build up…

Over autumn and winter, organic waste and plant debris build up in the pond. This can be from fish activity, leaf fall or the lack of regular maintenance during the colder months. While some ponds may seem reasonably clear and maintained, the truth is in the filter. Quite literally. All organic waste and muck is taken from the pond water and travels through to the pond filter. Where it stays and builds up, affecting the pond filter’s ability in filtering away the bad stuff.

The first job you want to do is clean your pond filters.

Watch this tutorial for how to effectively clean your pond filters.




Cleaning your pond filters is important to do on a regular basis. Otherwise, they won’t do their job well. After cleaning your pond filters, you should add a Filter Feed to boost and restore bacterial activity in the filter. In other words, promote the naturally occurring and necessary organisms required to break down the organics in the water passing through the filter system and back into the pond.

Learn more about filter feed

Remove debris 

Use a net or pond vacuum to clean the debris from the top of the pond. Any organic material left in the pond will decay and cause algae problems like green water and sludge. Therefore, removing it is the first line of defence against algae problems. It’s also worth clearing the surrounding area to prevent anything blowing into the pond.

Move fish back into the pond 

If you’ve moved your fish into a temporary tank during the winter, now is the time to get them back in the pond. It’s important to ensure the temperature of the tank is within 1°C of the pond temperature.

Clip back and trim plants 

Spring is the best time to have a general tidy up of the pond area. Overgrowth can be a large factor in an imbalance in the pond system.

Feed fish 

You can start feeding your fish again at temperatures of 10°C and higher.

Start treating your pond 

The earlier you can start treating your pond the better. Envii pond products work as low as 4°C which means you can get started earlier in the spring and treat later into the autumn. Giving the bacteria longer to establish will greatly increase the chances of keeping your pond clear and healthy. Click here for more information.

Pond maintenance can be a lot less overwhelming and time-consuming at this time of year if the pond is well kept over winter. Organic waste and dead plants that form debris and block your pond filters. This can all be avoided with our product Winter Pond Treatment.

Have a quick read of our Featured Product – Winter Pond Treatment article to discover how you could save yourself time and effort next spring.

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