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  • Envii Deep Rooter

    Plant root stimulator that uses a unique blend of natural minerals to increase the length and mass of a plants root system in order to give it more access to water and nutrients. Can also be used on cuttings or seedlings to encourage strong new growth.

    Available in 250ml Concentrate.

  • Envii Compost Probiotic

    Poor quality, shop bought compost leads to poor plant growth and crop production. Improve the quality of even the cheapest compost with a dollop of bacteria, a dash of seaweed and splash of water.

    Our 100g packet is capable of treating 200L of compost.

  • Envii Foundation

    You wouldn’t build a house on poor foundations, so you shouldn’t grow plants on poor foundations. Improve plant health and protection from pathogens using beneficial bacteria.

    Our 100g packet is capable of treating up to 20 plants.

  • Envii SeaFeed Rooting Gel

    Enhance your plant cloning process by healing cuttings quickly with an organic rooting gel containing seaweed and humic acids. Please note this is for use on plant cuttings only and not paper cuts to human skin!

    75ml of gel per packet.

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    Envii Active Lawn

    Improve aeration and drainage in lawns whilst reducing the growth of moss and breaking down dead thatch. Containing a blend of nutrients and bacteria that encourage earthworms and bacteria to break down clay soil and dead material.

    Our 1.2kg bag can treat up to 40m² of soil.

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    Envii Greenkeeper’s Moss Guard

    A lawn moss treatment that reduces existing moss in lawns and prevents moss from growing back. The nutritional feed helps to feed lawns whilst suppressing the growth of moss using iron sulfates.

    Available as 1L With Sprayer & 1L Without Sprayer.

    Covers up to 300m2

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    Envii Pre-Flower

    Multipurpose organic biostimulant that encourages strong growth in young plants and promotes increased crop development in later life. When used before and during the flowering stage, Envii Pre-Flower can double a plants growth within weeks.

    Our 1L bottle can treat 300m2 of soil.

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    Envii Post-Flower

    Organic multi purpose fertiliser that supports plant growth and promotes increased crop yields. Reduces stress on plants and enhances a crops ability to withstand pests and disease.

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