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Envii Feed & Fortify

Organic slug control method that uses diatomaceous earth to naturally protect plants from slugs, snails and other small pests. Also contains iron silicates to improve soil fertility and maximise plant growth.

Available in 400g or 1.75kg.




Fight off the invasion of Slugs with our organic slug pellets!

When they start, slugs can be a pain to get rid of and a constant threat throughout the gardening season. They spend most of their day out of sight and then as soon as we draw the curtains, they very slowly, ‘charge’ towards our beloved crops and begin wreaking havoc.

There are so many treatments to help in the fight against slugs and some very bizarre old wives’ tales. From slug pellets and copper tape, to beer traps and salt. Some of these slug treatments work, but most of them are either dangerous or ineffective. There is nothing more frustrating when trying to control slugs than spending money on a product, only to wake up and find havoc has been wrecked on your plants!

Protect and feed your plants

Envii Feed & Fortify is an innovative organic slug control method that offers several benefits compared to traditional methods. Made using diatomaceous earth, Envii Feed & Fortify is a dual purpose, organic treatment that both protects and feeds your plants. The unique properties of diatomaceous earth allow it to create an impenetrable, physical barrier around your plants. The iron silicates improve soil fertility and increase a plants ability to take more nutrients on board.

The other benefit of using an organic slug treatment is safety, and us brits, love health and safety! Slug pellets are the most common treatment used in the UK but can be incredibly dangerous to pets and children. It’s is important to use a repellent that doesn’t contain chemicals. Envii Feed & Fortify poses no danger, so you can have peace of mind whilst protecting your plants.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

Diatomaceous earth is made from the skeletal remains of tiny, fossilised aquatic organisms called diatoms, found within river beds. Diatoms have a hard outer shell made from silica, it’s this that makes diatomaceous earth its unique slug control method. Silica is one of the hardest solids on earth and can be found in products such as glass and concrete. When used as in this treatment, its abrasive nature irritates the skin of molluscs and dehydrates them.

Whilst Envii Feed & Fortify poses no danger to children or pets. If inhaled, temporary irritation to the throat can occur, so please, keep out of the reach of children. If you want to protect your plants but also the lives of slugs, check out Feed & Protect. This is our alternative to slug pellets that poses no danger to slugs.

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Use a clean, dry washing liquid bottle to apply Envii Feed & fortify as accurately as possible. Watch the below video for more information.

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Will this be washed away in the rain?
It won't be washed away in light rain but heavy rain may slowly wash it in to the ground.
Is this safe to use around pets and children?
Yes, Envii Feed & Fortify is a natural product that poses no dangers to pets or children.
Will it protect against other insects?
Yes, it will dry and and desicate their waxy bodies.

How to use

  • 1

    For best results, decant in to an old washing up bottle

  • 2

    Apply liberally to the base of the plant to form a barrier

  • 3

    Apply after rain or in the evening

  • 4

    Reapply as required

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