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Pond Plants

Are you looking for the right plants to add to your pond? Or needs some advice on how to care for your pond plants? Take a look through our guides on pond plant care and how to choose the best plants for your pond.

  • 5 Edible Plants for Your Pond
    Growing your own doesn’t just mean in a garden or allotment, as many edible plants grow in ponds. Having plants in your pond helps bring […]... Read more
  • Pond Plants: A Beginner’s Guide
    Are Pond Plants Necessary? Pond plants come in varying forms. Some are submerged deep within the layers of water, while others float steadily on the [... Read more
  • Autumn Pond Care: Spring Blooming Plants
      Autumn is here For many pond keepers its time to say goodbye to sitting outdoors in the sun and enjoying the view of their […]... Read more
  • Should I Keep Aquatic Plants?
    There is a split between pond owners as to whether to have plants or not Aquatic plants can be a great aesthetic addition. As well […]... Read more
  • Fish Jumping Out Of Water and Why It Happens?
      Fish jumping out of water is not very common but when somebody sees it, it can initially look quite impressive. They can just be […]... Read more