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Pond Problems

Are you having problems with your pond, such as green water or algae? Once the source of the problem is found, it is easy to treat and maintain a healthy pond. Discover our guides on what causes these problems and how to fix them.

  • Why Is My Pond Foamy?
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  • The Causes and Solutions to Red Pond Water
    Seeing red pond water can be alarming, but there are many causes and solutions for this issue. From tannins to algae, red pond water can […]... Read more
  • The Rise and Fall of Algae: Why Does Algae Float and Sink in Ponds at Different Times of the Day?
    Why does pond algae float during the day and sink at night? The answer to why this happens is simpler than you might first think. […]... Read more
  • Duckweed: The Ultimate Guide
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  • What is Blanket Weed? And How to Remove It (Video Included)
    Blanket weed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It’s also commonly known as string algae or silkweed. Pond owners often st... Read more
  • 7 Tips to Prevent Pond Sludge
          7 Tips to Prevent Pond Sludge: Number of fish Feeding Fish Filteration Aeration Plant maintenance Leaf and twig collection Benefi... Read more
  • Tricks to Prevent Green Pond Water
      When you first dreamed up the idea of having the perfect pond, the last thing you would have imagined is for it to resemble […]... Read more
  • Blanket Weed: The Ultimate Guide
    An in-depth guide to blanket weed, detailing the types, characteristics, causes and how to control it. There are over 20,000 species of algae with a [... Read more
  • The Ultimate Do’s & Don’ts Guide For Ponds
    Ultimate Guide to Pond Upkeep Pond keeping can be a mine field when it comes to knowing what you can and can’t do to achieve […]... Read more
  • 7 reasons why your garden pond is losing water
    7 Reasons Why Your Pond Is Losing Water   Why Is My Pond Losing Water? Pond water levels dropping is a common problem that many […]... Read more
  • What Is Pond Sludge & How Do You Remove It?
    Sludge is a common problem for pond owners and unfortunately, it’s inevitable. When found in traces and small quantities, it’s not too much of a [... Read more
  • Why Do Ponds Go Green In The Spring?
    As a pond-owner, spring means only one thing. Green pond water. But why is this? In this blog, we will cover what causes green pond […]... Read more