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Pest Control

Here at Envii, we believe that although pests are a nuisance and need to be stopped, they don’t need to be killed in a cruel way using toxic pest control products.

Our range of pest control products protect your plants from slugs and snails whilst being humane, containing no toxic ingredients. They use very simple, but unique methods to deter pests whilst also feeding your plants thanks to the included nutrients.

As our pest control products contain no toxic ingredients, they’re completely safe to use around pets, wildlife and children. For more tips on pest control for you gardening, see our pest control blogs!


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    Envii Feed & Fortify

    Organic slug control method that uses diatomaceous earth to naturally protect plants from slugs, snails and other small pests. Also contains iron silicates to improve soil fertility and maximise plant growth.

    Available in 400g or 1.75kg.

    £10.99 - £19.99 £9.89 - £15.99
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    Envii Feed & Protect

    This is a unique slug deterrent method that slightly alters the taste of a plants foliage in order to deter slugs (this taste is undetectable to humans). Also contains a blend of essential micro-nutrients to improve plant growth.

    Available in 500g or 1KG packages.

    £12.99 - £22.99 £12.34 - £19.54
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