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Compost & Soil Improvement

Compost plays a fundamental role in the garden and there is nothing better than homemade compost. See our composting tips and soil improvement guides to discover how to make your own compost and so much more.

  • 10 Best Plants for Clay Soil and How to Grow Them
    Many of us may despair when we realise that our soil is clay. Clay soil can be heavy to dig and cultivate and drain slowly […]... Read more
  • How to improve shop bought compost
    How to improve shop-bought compost There is no question that homemade compost is always the better option if you have the choice. For many gardeners [... Read more
  • How to improve clay soil for vegetable gardening
    How to improve clay soil Most gardeners don’t have the ability to choose the soil they have at their home or allotment and can become […]... Read more
  • 5 Composting Methods Any Gardener Can Try
    Do you know your options when it comes to composting? Discover 5 composting methods any gardener can try to fit their style of growing. 5 […]... Read more
  • Common Compost Materials and What To Avoid
    When making your own compost it can be quite difficult to know what materials to add to your bin/pile, what needs to be avoided and […]... Read more
  • What Gardeners Should Know Before Buying Compost
    In the past we have often talked about the problem with buying compost cheap, it’s often poor quality. We always recommend making your own compo... Read more
  • Why You Should Protect Plants Beneath the Soil
      When you think about gardening your own plants, the focus tends to be on tending to the plant above ground. We don’t consider root [&hell... Read more
  • Compost – 5 Characteristics It Shouldn’t Have
    The lower the price you pay for your compost, typically, you should expect the quality to match. Shop-bought compost is generally produced in mass, th... Read more
  • Why You Should Be Using Compost Accelerator
    Why you should be using Compost Accelerator…  Is there any need for a compost accelerator? Garden waste composting is nature’s way of dealing... Read more
  • 5 Gardening Tips to Keep Your Compost Healthy
    Monitor the Moisture Levels Monitoring compost moisture levels is important to achieve healthy compost. This is because if the moisture levels are too... Read more
  • Gardeners Should Use Multi-Purpose Compost with Caution
    ... Read more
  • 10 Tips To Prepare Soil for Spring
    It is common knowledge for growers that the quality of the soil can make or break your growing season. Poor-quality soil can lead to poor […]... Read more
  • The Best Tips to Improve Compost
    The Best Tips to Improve Compost We are always hearing stories about the poor quality of shop-bought compost, complaints about how difficult it is to ... Read more