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Pond Water Quality

Are you wanting to improve your pond water quality? Pond water quality is important not only for the overall health of the pond but for the fish and other inhabitants too. Take a look through our guides on the ideal parameters and how to achieve them.

  • What is pond salt?
    What is pond salt?  Pond salt is a form of pure evaporated salt, which benefits the overall health of pond fish. There are two ways […]... Read more
  • How to increase the kH in your pond
    The kH is often overlooked but is crucial in the overall health of a successful pond. A low kH, although not obvious initially, can cause […]... Read more
  • How to Maintain Healthy Pond Oxygen Levels
    Discover the ideal oxygen levels to maintain a healthy, aerated pond environment. This guide shares how to increase dissolved oxygen in pond water. He... Read more
  • Varying Pond Water Parameters and Why They Occur?
    Although not visible to the eye, pond water parameters are one of the most important factors to stabilise in ponds. There are various reasons as [&hel... Read more
  • How to Treat and Prevent a Pond pH Crash
    A pond pH crash is when a pond experiences a sudden and dramatic change in pH levels. Typically, this is when a pond’s pH drops […]... Read more
  • The Danger of Pond Nitrates
    If you really want your pond to thrive and have the ideal water parameters, read on to discover why your pond nitrates levels should be kept [&hellip... Read more
  • Pond Oxygen Levels: The Danger in Summer
    Why Pond Oxygen Levels are Crucial in Summer Keeping the correct pond oxygen levels is important year-round. However, in summer more care has to be [&... Read more
  • How to Make Tap Water Safe for Fish
    First thing’s first, why isn’t it safe?   Tap water is fit for human consumption, so why would we question whether it’s suitabl... Read more
  • How To Get Rid Of Blanket Weed
      What Is Blanket Weed?   If you have not yet come across this nuisance, congratulations! Blanket weed or long string algae is one of [&hell... Read more
  • What Are The Ideal Pond Water Parameters?
    Pond water parameters are one of the most important things to monitor in your pond. This guide explains the ideal parameters and how to maintain [&hel... Read more
  • How to reduce pond nitrates
    How to reduce pond nitrates Nitrates are the natural by-product of the breakdown of ammonia and nitrites in a pond environment. While a low level [&he... Read more