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Build a strong foundation for your plants from day one

  • 100% Organic
  • Wildlife Friendly
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Sturdy houses that can withstand harsh weather conditions and years of wear and tear always have strong foundations. (Bear with us whilst we make this connection)

The same can be said about plants. A plant with a poor root structure (it’s foundation) will be weak and will damage easily in harsh weather conditions. It will also be more susceptible to attack from plant pathogens. (Hopefully, you can see the link with house foundations now!)

Envii Foundation is an organic soil conditioner that uses bacillus subtilis for plants rather than mycorrhizal fungi to develop a strong root structure.

Envii Foundation dramatically increases plant survival rates by creating a bacterial forcefield around the root system. The bacillus subtilis for plants colonise the roots and help build resilience against harmful pathogens. They will also help to improve plant growth as they can help the plant’s roots access more nutrients and water.

How to use
  1. Week 1 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant at 3 leaf stage and water in with 50ml water, or sprinkle 1 scoop into planting hole, plant, then water with 50ml
  2. Week 4 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 100ml water
  3. Week 8 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 200ml water
Where to use
  • Can be used at any time of year
  • Use on either young or established plants
  • Can either be applied to soil or into planting hole
  • High-quality seaweed powder (ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Beneficial bacteria
  • Amino acids
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