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Maximato Xtra

Organic tomato fertiliser produces Xtra fruit with Xtra flavour

  • 100% Organic
  • Wildlife Friendly
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Envii Maximato Xtra is an organic tomato fertiliser like no other. Rather than a weak mix of nutrients, it uses beneficial bacteria and seaweed to help promote strong, early growth in tomato plants. Due to its unique makeup, it offers a long list of Xtra benefits.

The bacteria coat the plant’s roots to protect them from pathogens and absorb more available nutrients and water from the soil.

The added seaweed provides plants with one of the best, natural sources of nutrition. Seaweed is rich in essential macro and micronutrients that help to build resilience in plants.

During tests, plants treated with Envii Maximato Xtra were able to control the amount of water they absorbed which reduced the risk of blossom end rot.

How to use
  1. Week 1 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant at 3 leaf stage and water in with 50ml water, or sprinkle 1 scoop into planting hole, plant, then water with 50ml
  2. Week 4 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 100ml water
  3. Week 8 – sprinkle 1 scoop around base of plant and water in with 200ml water
Where to use
  • As well as being used on tomatoes, Maximato Xtra is great on all greenhouse-grown crops, such as chillies and peppers.
  • For use in the earlier stages of growth
  • High-quality seaweed powder (ascophyllum nodosum)
  • Beneficial bacteria
  • Amino acids
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