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Beginners’ Guides

New to gardening? Gardening comes with so many physical and mental benefits, there’s no wonder it is loved by so many people. Take a look through our guides on planting for beginners, what and when to grow and how to protect crops.

  • How To Plan A Garden
    ... Read more
  • How to Grow Lupins From Seed
    How to grow lupins from seed Lupins are pea-like, ornamental flowers that act as pollinators in the garden. They begin to produce flowers in May/ [&he... Read more
  • Water Butts: The Ultimate Guide
    The Ultimate Guide to Water Butts  An in-depth guide to water butts, detailing the benefits, dangers, types and how to care for them. Discover Our [&... Read more
  • How To Clean a Greenhouse In 7 Steps: Greenhouse Cleaning
    A greenhouse is the perfect addition for any gardener as it provides a healthy growing environment, shielding plants from extreme weather conditions a... Read more
  • How To Be A Veganic Gardener: A Beginners Guide
    Veganic Gardening A vegan lifestyle has increased exponentially over the last few years, as people switch out animal products for plant-based alternat... Read more
  • No-Dig Gardening: The Ultimate Guide
    Ultimate Guide to No-Dig Gardening What is it? No-dig gardening is an organic gardening practice that creates an effective and efficient garden. This ... Read more
  • 8 Reasons Why You Should Start Gardening
    Why is everyone obsessed with gardening? What is it that draws people to looking after plants? Well there might be more to it than what […]... Read more
  • Crop Rotation: A Beginner’s Guide
    Crop Rotation – A Beginner’s Guide   What is crop rotation? Dating back to the ancient Middle East, farmers would rotate their plants. Th... Read more
  • A Complete Seaweed Fertiliser Guide
    A complete seaweed fertiliser guide covering the frequently asked questions about one of the most popular plant feedings treatments among gardeners. A... Read more
  • A Guide to Organic Gardening
    A Guide to Organic Gardening How Gardening Affects Modern Life Gardening is a hobby which not only enriches the lives of those who choose to […... Read more
  • 13 Essential Tools Used for Gardening
    Our friends and gardening tool specialists at Burgon & Ball share their expert knowledge on the must-have tools to help you tackle a range of [&he... Read more
  • Growing Fruit Trees and Plants: Beginner Tips
    Growing fruit trees and plants is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do from home. You start with a seed/ling, young plant or [&hellip... Read more
  • Home Gardening Tips for Beginners
      Growing your own crops and herbs isn’t reserved for those with an allotment space or garden. That’s a common misconception among apartm... Read more
  • Why Seaweed Fertiliser? 5 Ways Seaweed Boosts Plant Resistance
        If you didn’t already know, seaweed fertilisers are one of the best plant fertilisers out there. In fact, some coastal growers harvest... Read more
  • Why You Shouldn’t Be Using Greenhouse Shading
    Greenhouse Shading and Why It Shouldn’t Be Used! Greenhouse shading has been around as long as…well, greenhouses. Whether it’s emulsion ... Read more
  • Easiest Veggies To Grow: 6 Tips For Starting A Vegetable Garden
    Growing your own vegetables comes with so many benefits, there is no wonder it has increased in popularity. By participating in this hobby, you can [&... Read more