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Adding a pond to your garden can enhance its beauty and provide a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. However, in order to keep this mellow environment, some pond maintenance is needed.  Explore everything you need to know about ponds here, from pond oxygen levels to why is your pond losing water.

  • 5 Edible Plants for Your Pond
    Growing your own doesn’t just mean in a garden or allotment, as many edible plants grow in ponds. Having plants in your pond helps bring […]... Read more
  • Pond predators and how to protect your pond from them
    Ponds can be a wonderful addition to any garden and fish can add to the aesthetic. There’s nothing quite like heading out to your pond, […]... Read more
  • The Causes and Solutions to Red Pond Water
    Seeing red pond water can be alarming, but there are many causes and solutions for this issue. From tannins to algae, red pond water can […]... Read more
  • The Rise and Fall of Algae: Why Does Algae Float and Sink in Ponds at Different Times of the Day?
    Why does pond algae float during the day and sink at night? The answer to why this happens is simpler than you might first think. […]... Read more
  • How to attract frogspawn into your garden
    How to attract frogspawn into your garden  Frogs and other amphibians plan an essential role in our ecosystem. They not only eat pests such as [&hell... Read more
  • What is pond salt?
    What is pond salt?  Pond salt is a form of pure evaporated salt, which benefits the overall health of pond fish. There are two ways […]... Read more
  • How to increase the kH in your pond
    The kH is often overlooked but is crucial in the overall health of a successful pond. A low kH, although not obvious initially, can cause […]... Read more
  • How to Clear Lake Water
    Lakes can create a thriving ecosystem in gardens. Filled with an abundance of wildlife and plants, they not only add to the aesthetic of a […]... Read more
  • Duckweed: The Ultimate Guide
    ... Read more
  • 11 Reasons Why Your Pond Isn’t Clearing
    Discover 11 common reasons that explain why your pond water isn’t clearing, even after using an Envii pond product. Each followed with a simple ... Read more
  • How to Make Your Pond Child Safe
    Ponds can be very dangerous for young children to be around unsupervised. There are a few hazards to be aware of. In this guide, we’re […]... Read more
  • Pond Plants: A Beginner’s Guide
    Are Pond Plants Necessary? Pond plants come in varying forms. Some are submerged deep within the layers of water, while others float steadily on the [... Read more
  • A Beginners Guide to Pond Filters
    Pond filters are essential devices to achieve the perfect water garden system. The purpose of a pond filter is to remove algae and debris… A [&h... Read more
  • How to Maintain Healthy Pond Oxygen Levels
    Discover the ideal oxygen levels to maintain a healthy, aerated pond environment. This guide shares how to increase dissolved oxygen in pond water. He... Read more
  • Varying Pond Water Parameters and Why They Occur?
    Although not visible to the eye, pond water parameters are one of the most important factors to stabilise in ponds. There are various reasons as [&hel... Read more
  • 5 Ways an Allotment Pond Improves Gardening
    Water features such as pond are certainly one of the many ways to make a house feel more like a home. There’s nothing quite like […]... Read more
  • What is Blanket Weed? And How to Remove It (Video Included)
    Blanket weed is a type of algae, scientifically called filamentous algae. It’s also commonly known as string algae or silkweed. Pond owners often st... Read more
  • How to Treat and Prevent a Pond pH Crash
    A pond pH crash is when a pond experiences a sudden and dramatic change in pH levels. Typically, this is when a pond’s pH drops […]... Read more
  • Choosing Pond Fish: The Best Match for Your Pond
    Whether starting a new pond or rejuvenating an old pond, adding fish is a great fresh start. In fact, when it comes to owning a […]... Read more
  • Pond Care: Common Questions Answered
    Frequently asked pond care questions answered… How do you work out the volume of water in your pond? You can calculate the volume of water [&hel... Read more
  • 7 Tips to Prevent Pond Sludge
          7 Tips to Prevent Pond Sludge: Number of fish Feeding Fish Filteration Aeration Plant maintenance Leaf and twig collection Benefi... Read more
  • Autumn Pond Care: Spring Blooming Plants
      Autumn is here For many pond keepers its time to say goodbye to sitting outdoors in the sun and enjoying the view of their […]... Read more
  • Tricks to Prevent Green Pond Water
      When you first dreamed up the idea of having the perfect pond, the last thing you would have imagined is for it to resemble […]... Read more
  • A Guide to Natural Ponds
    Ponds come in various different forms and serve different purposes by the nature of how they exist. In the most basic form, they are What […]... Read more
  • The Danger of Pond Nitrates
    If you really want your pond to thrive and have the ideal water parameters, read on to discover why your pond nitrates levels should be kept [&hellip... Read more
  • Pond UV Lights: A Beginner’s Guide
      What are Pond UV lights? Eco-systems such as ponds require continuous care and maintenance. This ensures that aquatic life (whether it’s ... Read more
  • Blanket Weed: The Ultimate Guide
    An in-depth guide to blanket weed, detailing the types, characteristics, causes and how to control it. There are over 20,000 species of algae with a [... Read more
  • Pond Oxygen Levels: The Danger in Summer
    Why Pond Oxygen Levels are Crucial in Summer Keeping the correct pond oxygen levels is important year-round. However, in summer more care has to be [&... Read more
  • How to Make Tap Water Safe for Fish
    First thing’s first, why isn’t it safe?   Tap water is fit for human consumption, so why would we question whether it’s suitabl... Read more
  • Featured Product: Winter Pond Treatment
    It’s is a revolutionary, biological pond treatment that has been designed to maintain a ponds condition during winter months. By keeping the bacteri... Read more